I'd give my own life

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  1. This is a sad story If you love animals do not read.

    I had a female cat who kept running out the door at the speed of light. Eventually she became pregnant. She had her kittens in my closet. And it was beautiful, how she carried them 1 by 1 to a larger space in my room as they grew. Soon they were old enough to act cute, running around & tiny little meows were heard. I loved them & took very good care of them. I'll never forget them. Animal control was alerted by a nosy neighbor & animal control told us we could only have 3 animals, it's some sort of rule here.
    Animal control had us go to a shelter where we were told that the cat's would be adopted. Then the animal shelter put my cats in the same room that diseased cats are in. Two caught something and I could see that they were dying by the way they looked. But 4 did not look sick at all. They meowed and purred when they saw me, I could only fit 2 fingers through the cage but my cats rubbed against those fingers in an attempt to be petted.
    Animal control took us to the wrong shelter, who claimed they were all sick & uncurable. They were all put to sleep. Honest, I'd give my life to have them back. I always miss them badly and when I think about what happened I cry. Like I am now.....:sad:
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    So sad... T_T
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    those IDIOTS. you can probably sue them for that
  4. You mean the animal shelter or animal control? It was animal control that actually lied. They work with animals and they have got to know about the shelters here, it's their fucking job to. And the neighbors are indirect murderers. I'd love to rip their throats out. It was none of their business, the cats never bothered them. I believe they were animal haters. Seeing the cats in cages is one of the worst things I remember. I took care of them from birth until they were around 2 years old. It's horrific to know that something you love is going to die.