id let it out if I could!

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  1. Id love to just start ranting now but I just cant feel anything! Another fight with the wife which wound up me accusing her of cheating (with no evidence but I just wanted to be the one on the attack for once I guess). Probably going to be kicked out and homeless, no savings (what little there is she.will have, we have 2 kids too and I cant just abandon them). Thinking about vans to live in, seriously. Luckily I have a job although I cant say I enjoy going amd spending 13 hours a day between work and commute. I could l8ve in a van and stay employeed, been thinking of ways it.
    Then I think why? Who cares. I cant just quit.and be a free hobo (I still have financial responsibility for my kids) but if I just off myself atleast the life insurance should take care of them. Who knows. Right now I dont give a damn about anything but I wish I did. Oh to be free.of.responsibility I would live out of a backpack! Love though dont take it the wrong way
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    I am sorry that everything is getting on top of you. I can assure you that your kids need you far more than they need your money, or the money of any life insurance you have (which by the way, would not be available to them if you killed yourself as the policy will not pay out on suicide).

    If you are fighting with your wife enough that you think leaving is a good option, then leave. Or, conversely, ask her to leave. Your wife doesn't automatically 'get the house and kids' - she cannot kick you out unless you decide to leave (unless you are abusive etc which is/would be a separate problem).

    I do not know what country you are in, if you were in the UK I would say go and talk to citizens advice about your options - there is no need in the UK for anyone to be 'out on the streets' unless they choose not to accept the help available. If you are in the US someone else is better positioned to give you practical advice.

    Find out who to get free, confidential advice from in your country and speak to them. Form a plan. Find a way up. Please stay safe :hug: