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I'd rather die than be homeless again

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About 6 months ago after losing a job, I got really unlucky trying to get a new one, and I got into a viscious cycle of depression over it, which didn't really help. :/

I'm 19, and my mother says today's the day she's had enough and is kicking me out, even calling the police if she has to, and yes she means it.

I'd rather die than have to sleep on the streets again, I don't know what I can do now, trying to find some information on cutting fatally without messing it up, like I've messed up everything else in my life.

Not expecting any replies, this is just another post for all of you, but at least my thoughts will have been written down somewhere first if I do have to die today.


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Ok, if you are in the UK then I can point you towards some places that can help you. Places that have helped people about to become homeless/in a dangerous living situation/on the streets, before.

Are you in the UK?


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That is understandable, but not all hostels are like that.

You are 19, right? Have you heard of connexions? they help 13-19 year olds, and one of the things they do is help with housing situations. If you click on the link ( http://www.connexions-direct.com/ ) you will see that they have a housing section. They also have people that you can talk to online, one to one, and maybe it might be worth trying them to see what they can suggest.

http://www.connexions-direct.com/index.cfm?pid=115 on this page you might find some organisations that can help you.

Also, do you have any friends that you can stay with for a few days? Or other relatives?

There are ways and means to deal with being homeless, if it comes to that. Suicide would be a very extreme measure to tackle it. Why not, at the very least, give everything else a try first. That webiste has a lot of info on it, so maybe it's worth a look.

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Thanks for taking the time to make that post, but I've been through those routes, they really don't work in practise.

I managed to buy a week of time through begging, I don't know what I'm gonna do, I can't even look people the eye, let alone ask them for a job. Eyes are sore from crying atm, I feel like I'm just delaying.
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