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    Ideally I'd like to meet the man of my dreams.
    I'd love to fall into his arms casually...
    I'd love to embrace the thought of forever
    as if it was the only thought that existed.

    Ideally I'd rest my hand upon your chest
    to feel your heartbeat vibrate down my hand.
    I'd feel it connect with mine.
    Beating, one than two.
    It would all be perfect timing,
    perfect harmony.
    It's as if we were meant to be standing here.
    The moment would be sheer perfection.
    Ideally we'd never move from that moment.
    We'd never move from here.
    I'd want my hant to stay where it's at,
    so I knew that we were one.

    Ideally I'd love to feel at peace with life.
    I'd love to have the balance of happiness and love
    all wrapped up in one.
    The magnitude of it all would be sublime.
    To never have to worry about being alone again.
    Ideally I'd love to have everything I hoped for,
    everything I'd ever need in life....

    but idealistic people perish within the flames of real life.
    They are swallowed whole by the realists
    and get spat out by the fascists.
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    we are not all realists and facists tho :wink: you always write wonderful, interesting, thought prevoking things, kelly :biggrin:
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