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    A hereditary cancer
    In the guillotine their slaves die as livestock in search of food
    Their fanatics speak on your behalf and you allow them to do it
    They kill for an idea and nobody can say a word
    Leaving bombs they imagine their immortality
    They are justifying their beliefs destroying buildings
    While my country makes a war on behalf of the freedom
    Word that is the excuse to kill and to survive
    The ideas are the executioners of all young spirit
    Without pity they violate and they tame
    For the justice and justness
    They try to hide their vacuity seeking the kindness
    You spoke with so-and-so and suddenly Marx is alive
    And my mother speak to me about Kennedy every time that I ask her about the equality
    The immortality is to live as a parasite
    Too many minds exist for that purpose
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.