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  1. Dear Suicide Forum, something happened to me today at work, I am not sure what it was, All of a sudden I wanted to be vegetarian, so now I am vegetarian, then I am sick of the clothing style I wear, so now I plan to change the style that everyone sees me as, I am evolving into something, I am not sure, into what tho, I am going to wear glasses as well, I do not need them but I am going to wear them to look more intellectual, I have the feeling that I must preach about how much everyone sins, I am not religious tho, I'm going to go to college to further my understanding in the German language and, might take a English class as well, I remember I got a 25 on the ACT, not very good, but I can get into a normal college, or university of my choosing, I feel the need I need to be smarter then everyone, I feel very narcissistic as well, I feel like I must say how much better I am then you. I found this number in the trash, it was "27" I feel like this number has something to do with my life in some way, maybe 27 years, 27 days, on the 27th, I am not sure all I know it is staring at me, I took it home with me. I guess you can say its like the movie "23" but I don't think I'm like that guy. But I do know It has something to do with me, and somethings going to happen with 27 in it. I feel like I'm very complicated, this person said I am too "intense" at work. What the hell does that mean? Hmmm I am have a Identity crisis haha. Maybe I have another disorder I am not sure of, does this sound crazy or weird to you all? please tell me if you think I may have another disorder.
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    I think change is beneficial if it serves you well, and problematic if it interferes in your life...sometimes, we put on new costumes to see how they fit...i think everyone does that...when these costumes match the type of person we judge to be our 'truer self', the fit is good...just my thinking, J
  3. It just sounds to me as if your becoming more in touch with yourself(s). The sudden urge to be a vegetarian things kinda odd, just because I've never known you to be a "save the animals" type, but none the less... I think its a good idea, if its REALLY what you believe in.

    I'm worried about you though, happy that your going to school and making some positive changes, but what is the real reason behind these changes? Going to school would be a good choice regardless of what the reason is, because you're so smart, and I think it'd be a waste if you worked at some type of fast-food place for the rest of your life. You have soo much potential, but then again, most people on this forum do... and look at us.

    Also, I think you do have a disorder, maybe not NUMEROUS but a disorder definitely. Before you do anything drastic to yourself or with your life maybe you should try to get some help. I think the going to school, and becoming a vegetarian are POSITIVE changes... but is that really who you are, is that really what you want to do?

    I know you don't have insurance but there has GOT to be some type of place you can go for free around your way, even if its just someone who specializes in mental health and could diagnose you. Personally, I think you have a split personality, but thats just my two cents. Miss you and care about you, both of you.

    PS: Sorry for putting this out here like this but think about it,
    do I REALLY have any other to talk to you....?
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  4. Deadbeat, I miss you two, I am very inattentive to you online. I wish not to be at times, but I get lost in my own thoughts, and can't focus, I really do miss you tho, no matter what I say... You were the first person to like listen to me, and awaken a hatred I had in me for so long, not hatred for you, hatred for people in power, hatred for people who abuse power, hatred for the strong, but I am stronger, and a lot smarter, I can't even contain myself anymore, I just want to go out and do everything... I will prove to the world I am better then everyone in it, For I am no longer Despised, I am something that not even myself can comprehend, I am greater then God himself, which is why I was put on earth, just like Jesus, but I will get things done. ~27~
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