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    I said this in the chat but I wanna go more into detail.

    My friend of 8 years has been coming over the past 4 nights, we've been playing a game together. He comes over, and again is high. It's "normal" now for him. And after sitting for about 2 minutes he starts saying how he's high. He then asks to sleep over and I told him "No, not when your high." and he said "oh com'on don't be like so-and-so, if ur putting a stop to it just say so."

    So I said yea stop coming over when u'r high. And he flared up a tad and looked around like I screamed "you are high!" in a police station. And he kept telling me to stop saying he's high cuz my parents would hear (they r 2 hours into their sleep, they could hear it, I was quiet anyway). I told him if he didn't like it to just leave and he said he wold if I kept talking. So I stood up, handed him his sandal and told him to.

    He takes the sandal, I take the empty cup is wasn't drinking out of away and throw it on the floor (cuz i wanted him out and again it was empty) so he hits me in the balls with the sandal. I ignored it, and picked up his shirt off the ground and threw it over his shoulder since he wasn't facing me and he pushes me. I'll admit when I did this, my finger hit his eye so he probably thought I was being an ass and trying to get a cheap shot in.

    I immediately pushed him back and so fourth, and after a few seconds I pinned him on the table by his throat and he kept saying "you don't wanna do this". He pushes me off, I tell him to get out and he leaves. End.

    PISSED the fuck off. 8 years of being his friend, and he's constantly lying about shit, hes a damn user. He uses you for what you got, leaves, then comes back for more. And I've ALWAYS given him second, third, hundred chances.

    Even a few months ago he ditched me on my birthday, my FUCKING birthday to do drugs. Asshole. By the way- this is all absolutely 100% true. I made nuttin up and it's how it happened. 8 years of "friendship" or something like it, and it ended in 3 minutes of conversation and a 60 second fight.