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I have been depressed on and off for about 3 years now and a while ago I started to smoke weed to help numb the feelings I had (and to try to stop me cutting myself). To start with it was brilliant but now I have started to rely on it. It no longer makes me feel happy but just a lesser down. I literally don't know what to do because I feel so so crap without it but I know I shouldn't smoke it all the tme.


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Hi querida,

i really dont know what to say.except that eventually the weed might stop helping all together.i havent had any experiences with that myself but my family has.i know its hard to quit but if you continue and the weed stops working that might entice you to try harder my exeprience thats how the cycle of addiction works and i would want you to go through that.are you taking any meds for youre depression?maybe if you talk to youre doctor about it they can give you some meds so that you dont feel the need for the weed anymore and themeds will give you more long term help with youre depression.i dont know if this post makes any sense but i hope it helps at least a little.
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