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Idiots in Brookyln chop down tree to steal bike.

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I hope they caught the one who chopped down the tree - especially as it was paid for by the father of the person who raised the matter - a legacy of sorts and perhaps the dad is passed away.

I saw the bit were one of the youth runs and tries to barge the tree down.

You also see the classic scene of black youths sitting on a step - one giving 'the hand' to his buddy. Just like a scene from The Wire which is one of the best USA TV series IMO.

Still, this happens everywhere. In the UK a newspaper set about putting unchained bikes in various cities in the UK - many got taken within a few minutes!

Here are the latest UK bike theft hotspots - bear in mind only one in five thefts are thought to be reported - all together told its over half a million and officially the grand total for 2010 was 115,147 thefts.

Top ten UK places for getting your bicycle stolen...

Thames Valley: 6,060

Greater Manchester: 5,185

Cambridgeshire: 4,477

Avon and Somerset: 3,895

West Midlands: 3,222

Leicestershire: 3,057

Lancashire: 2,727

Sussex: 2,668

Humberside: 2,440
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