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Idiots Raising My Child... -_-

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Every day is another wasted. Waiting for the day to come only for it to seem so much further. I do not have the resources to take care of my son at this time. His father is 24, his step mom a few months younger than I (21). Neither of them know how to spell. How can they teach my son what he needs when they can't even spell at a first grade level?! She had the nerve to compare her giving her child up to my being forced to leave my child behind. When you live with someone you once loved, once the love is all gone and you're only family left out there doesn't even like you, where are you left to turn? I DID NOT give my son up, I was forced to move away. Talk about an ignorant girl. She gave her first child up 2 years ago, now she's already having another with her baby's daddy's best friend. Neither of them work, they would spend my son's Christmas money on DRUGS for the stupid "step-mother" before she got pregnant. They barely even went out for more then a few months and decided to get married and have a kid. Is it wrong of me to hope the worst for her? If so, I'm down right cruel. :devil:
Evil has dwelled within me for years. Cruelty is in my veins. To those who don't know me, to those who destroy me, I can be a sweetest dream, or your nightmare. But once I am crossed, my feelings thrown asunder, the evil in me awakens and the person you once knew is now gone. :furious:
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