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    Okay, my boyfriend should be glad that he knows as much about me as he does, but every time I try and be more open with him, he ends up pushing me until I do say it, which in turn makes me more withdrawn...I mean, he knows about the two incidents where I was sexually abused, once in fosta care and another by my brother. He knows about my councellor and how I'd only just started to open up to her when the sessions suddenly stopped...he knows as uch about me as I do myself. Yet still he pushes me to tell him more. But I can't because I'm still trying to remember T_T I feel like a failure right now
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    You're not a failure at all. In fact I admire you for being able to open up as much as you did... that takes courage, not a failure. If you feel like he's pushing you so much, just say that to him. Just tell him that you feel like he's pushing you further than you want to go. If he doesn't understand then in all honesty he doesn't have enough respect for you. He might not know he's doing it, and there's no way to know unless you say it. You shouldn't have to say more than you're comfortable saying just because he's pushing you... you should talk because you want to talk.
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    i have told him, and we talked things over...he snapped, so for once the fight's not my fault
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    I know realtionships can make a person feel good, but if you are young and the guy is under 20 then it might be the case that your better spending time with yourself and building up your self image then getting involved with emotionally draining relationships that end up in destruction.

    just my 2 cents:blink: