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  1. woodyunhappy

    woodyunhappy Member

    My head is swimming today. Thought I had pulled it to tegether . But I'm afraid . I have apt to talk to someone to night . But I can't stop thinking and crying . I just dont think it will help !! Seem my life is just not worth the time . This is the third day I have felt likes this . Idk if I can make it . It seem no one carries . Not even my boys . Maybe they r just busy with thier lives .
  2. loumerc

    loumerc Member

    We care and we love you. Please don't feel alone, you should speak up your pain with someone. What are you afraid of?. Why don't you call a help line in your area and talk to them , i'm sure that your pain will ease.
  3. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Good luck with the therpist(or whoever it is), I do hope you find that talking will help. Stay strong and try and remain positive.
  4. woodyunhappy

    woodyunhappy Member

    Thx . You for answering me . I feel stupid for even being where I am . . I never felt so alone and empty . I can't even get out of bed . I can't eat cant sleep can't think . I just keep thinking there is nothing . Omg why has all this happen . At one time I had no worries or cares . Niw my life job and everthing is on the line . Over one persons lies
  5. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    If you'd rather not say, that's OK... but what happened, who lied to you?

    You shouldn't feel stupid... how you're feeling isn't your fault.
  6. woodyunhappy

    woodyunhappy Member

    Someone who I loved like a son . He moved got in trouble and drugs . Then decided it was all my fault . So he tell ever one that . That's all I can say . Now everone is looking at me as a failure and more . Feel like my heart and soulhave been ripped out .
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