Idle Distraction

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    Idle Distraction

    Around people, I don't belong.

    I get the sense that I'm imposing,
    taking a tick too-long
    to take the hint
    and show myself out.

    Some of you indulge me.
    And so we waltz, for a while.
    And maybe you laugh.
    Amused, bemused; never contented.

    At best, my role is compère,
    a sadsack warm-up comedian--
    you poor people politely sit through my bit,
    you try so hard not to roll your eyes
    or shift in your seats--
    I try to wrap it up right-quick.

    I play the jester,
    uncertain if deemed a fool by decree
    or by nature,
    by permit or pity,
    at least there's dignity in the former--
    allow me that delusion.

    I am your fluffer.

    Neither in front of, nor behind the camera.
    You'll get hard,
    but you won't get off.
    That money-shot is meant for someone else.

    © Isaak
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Thread Status:
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