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  1. suicidepsycho

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    i don't know what to do. and there is nothing that can help me. i have been to the psychologist, i have been in hospital several times, but nothing has changed. maybe everything even got worst. nobody can help me and i don't know why i'm writing here right now, but i was thinking that maybe here is someone who knows what i have to do. i know, that's stupid when i think like that. because i know that there is no help and i will be gone in nearest two months or something. i have tried to commit suicide but somehow i still live, because i've always survived. and now i just thought that very soon i'll do it again, and i will do it in way where i could never survive orsmth, i already know how. i read one thing what someone writed to me and i understood that if people are ment to be dead then they just kill themselves and nothing can change their mind. and i don't know.. just wanted to wrote here.
  2. thepainwithin

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    a psychologist and pills can do nothing compared to what your mind can do. change your thoughts, change your habits. eat healthy (if you're not), go to a gym and workout, being in shape makes your brain think clearly and makes you feel better about yourself. i honestly wish i could follow all the advice i give people :/

    i don't know exactly what your going through, but go read some books on how to change your life and thought patterns. it's a scary thought about the amount of work your going to have to do and what makes things worse is that progress WILL be slow and you will be in the dark sometime before you see the light at the end. but trust me, make small changes here and there about your daily life and your thought process, make a list of steps you need to follow and things you need to do everyday and put it on the wall next to your bed, read it everyday, memorize, make it who you are. change will come. happiness will follow.

    until you have tried this, please don't give up. keep in touch with me. i'll always be happy to talk.
  3. total eclipse

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    You need to keep trying Talk to crisis team and let them know how you are feeling. Go to the hospital and tell them you need help get your medication changed See if you can get some long term treatment in hospital Don't give up there is new medications you can try You are worth the fight stay here and talk with us we will try to help you are not alone we are here okay.
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