If an individuals suicide benefits society, family, etc.

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Anonymous2, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Anonymous2

    Anonymous2 Well-Known Member

    If an individual's suicide benefits society, family, etc.; it's NOT selfish, sinful, or bad right?

    1. If I died, no one would miss me. My family doesn't like me because I suffer from a mental disorder that prevents me from working full time and moving out; as a result, my suicide would relieve them of A LOT of stress and anger.

    2. I consume a lot of resources but give little to society in return. My death would result in more resources for more deserving people.

    3. I don't have ANY friends.

    The typical suicide results in anguish for family and friends.... and a reduction on benefits to society.

    However, my suicide would result in peace for my family, no effects on friends (since I don't have any), and an increase in societal benefits. For these reasons, my suicide is a act of benevolence. It is good for me, but it's also good for family, friends, and society..... and since it's a righteous act it's NOT a sin so their is NO chance that I could go to hell, right?
  2. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    What you wrote sounds like me...and no I don't think suicide is selfish or sinful. I don't believe in the whole going to hell after you kill yourself thing...it couldn't possibly be worse than the hell I deal with on earth. I don't think you should kill yourself, but I don't think a person is bad if they do it. People who say that obviously have no idea what kind of crap we have to deal with.
  3. 3.141592654

    3.141592654 Well-Known Member

    You seem to be discarding the possibility of future benefit. Who knows, maybe when your parents are older, you can (help) take care of them. Just because you (think you) are of no use today, doesn't mean you'll never be.
  4. katrina77

    katrina77 Guest

    I don't believe that one persons suicide can ever possibly result in peace for anyone. No matter what your relationship to your family, your suicide would leave them feeling guilty, confused, and very hurt.

    Your life has worth. If you are unable to work full time, and need to live at home, then you can help out at home. A lot of people are in this situation, including people in my family. Just because someone is disabled for some reason does not lessen their importance to others. You may be surprised at just how much you can contribute. There are ways everyone can help.

    As far as Hell goes, no one who is still breathing can know exactly what waits on the other side. But it's worth staying on this side and living the life you have.
  5. JmpMster

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    Somebody has still got to clean up after - somebody still has to pay funeral costs, and every suicidal person in the world says the same things but read through the loved and lost subforum or listen to the hundreds of people on here that are suicidal BECAUSE somebody else committed suicide.

    95% of the time these are the excuses we come up with when in fact a large portion of the real reason is because we WANT to hurt those that have hurt us, and we want the attention and adoration that we think will come from it.... just we are too short sighted to see we will never see, experience, or enjoy it -- yet again an example of depriving ourselves of contentment and satisfaction we seek.

    I do not believe in hell so non issue.
  6. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    The "Is suicide selfish?" arguement is always an interesting one. But I have to agree with man of the previous posters. Just because you feel you don't have a purpose or a use today, does not mean that you won't in the future. Just because your situation can get frustrating for your parents doesn't mean they wouldn't be heartbroken if you passed away. And also, the final point, how do you think the person who finds you is going to feel upon finding your body? They will most likely be traumatised for a very long time, if not for life, and that IS selfish.
  7. BandAid

    BandAid Member

    Suicide never ends up intentionially to be a selfish act, but unfortunately you will not be around to explain that to your family. I recently attempted suicide myself. I did not realize how selfish it was, until I had to look at my wife, children, friends/coworkers. They were left feeling guilt because I chose not to come to them before the attempt. Not one person called me selfish, or gave me the inclination that they thought I was. I thought I was helping them, because I suffer from PTSD and all the convenient side effects that come with war-related experience. I did not want anyone to feel guilty, I thought I was helping them. Had I succeeded, which I CHOSE not to, albeit somewhere in the dark corners of my brain, I would have left them with guilt and remorse. How would have that helped anybody? In fact, I commented earlier in survival experience, a huge ripple effect would be left. I had no idea how many people cared about me. I never THOUGHT about that. I'm not saying we should feel selfish for thinking of ourselves, but even if indirectly, I was being awfully selfish. Having read your story, I'm already connected to you, as are the posters above me. So your decision would affect us too. We are human beings, and we were meant to look out for each other. Believe me, you are not taking any benefits that you don't deserve. There are people in the world that are in fact, blessed, because they are able to work and function. Find a way to help someone in return, even if it's helping someone cross the street. There is a purpose for all. Good luck to you and sleep on it. It's never too late, ever.
  8. Buddy66

    Buddy66 Member

    I'm 51 and can't get a job, i suffer from severe carpal tunnel in both hands. if i get surgery, i can't look for a job, so, no surgery.

    I couldn't live with my family or gf when my money runs out. The only debt I have is a small car lease payment and mortgage. I have a 1000 dollar net per month pension that is guaranteed until 2027 for my beneficiary. I have 100, 000 dollars in cash and retirement money. I have a full severance until march 2014 from my prior job. If I try to "hold on" after my severance runs out, for example, i live on my cash until its gone (as pension is currently being used to pay c support) , I extend my life say 2 yrs. then I run out of money, have to declare bankcruptcy as my house will be worth less than I owe, and I have no income or place to live. Or...if I end my life in January 2014, my kids get 70k and my share of parents estate when they die, which is sizeable, my son gets my paid off truck, my gf gets 30k cash and my pension which she could really use to help make a better life... I don't think life insurance will pay out if I commit suicide but if it did, add that to the benefit of my death column. On the con column, some people are sad..been there, done that. It will pass. On the pro column...clear benefits to my death.

    I'll rent a house for one month in the Caribbean, bring some booze and other "supplies" and I'll die at sunset sitting on a beach front.

    I choose not to "struggle" to make ends meet. I'm 51 and I will live life..and end life as I choose to. My last job probably should have killed me with a stroke or heart attack from the stress. Way I see it, I'm lucky to live to 2014.
  9. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    You can rationalise suicide all you like to fit your own needs and make yourself feel better, but at the end of the day, if you have a good reason or not, you are still leaving the people you care about with the heavy burden of helpless despair and grief and forever trying to find the meaning behind why you would do such a thing.
  10. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    If you can't get a job, then what difference does it make if you get the surgery and "can't look for a job." You just said you can't get one anyways, right? Perhaps once your hands are in better shape, you can do more insofar as working a skill. Your situation sounds far better, financially, than many people. Perhaps your home is too expensive if your 100,000 would not even make a dent on paying it off. Have you considered moving to somewhere with a lower cost of living? I know that in some states you can purchase a home for as little as $25,000. What about your kids that you speak of? What would they think if you gave up? Life insurance rarely, if ever, pays out in the case of suicide. You have a pension and a severance, so it sounds like a good time to get the surgery taken care of to at least resolve that issue. Have you considered doing volunteer work at all? What about your kids? Do you enjoy doing things with them? Any grand children on the way? You have so much ahead of you and financially it sounds like you're ahead of so many. Just my thoughts...
  11. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni


    1. Your family may have frustrations, but I do not think they "don't like you." You would break some hearts if you left them, regardless what you think. Parents and siblings can't always express to one another how they really feel deep down, in their soul.

    2. Society is not waiting for you to give something back in return. Perhaps one day you will find some ways to give back in - volunteering is a good way to do that. Have you considered becoming part of some form of peer support group to work with and benefit others like yourself?

    3. You don't have any friends, but you can make them. In fact, peer support groups are a good place to start in situations uch as yours.

    Nobody is expendable. You don't know what your real role is in life, only life knows that.
  12. Buddy66

    Buddy66 Member

    I have a bad back to that won't allow me to do trades work. I tried for 2.5 months. that was what messed up my hands. I appreciate your thoughts. I don't see what volunteer work will do? I agree, I'm good for a year and change, I'll keep looking for work in the meantime. I haven't given up yet...but I like to have a backup plan. So I do. The point of this thread was benefits or not. I just pointed out some of the benefits in my case, anyway.
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