If anyone asked me who I am

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    You're nothing but a lie, a fake, a miscommunication, a distraction, the false accuser. The destroyer, the hopeless hopeful, the misguided, you are everything yet you're nothing compared to everything. Your words are encouraging, yet you use the false tongue to speak disbelief, does it matter what we say? Or does everything we say have an impact on someone else's words? A lie, a truth, a promise broken, just to keep you going. You go nowhere you stay stuck in your own misery. Get a life, do something.. Do nothing. Be lazy, be motivated, devastated. Who are we to be any less than anyone else, but we are no one to be any more than anyone else. Are we equal? No, we're just liars who only want one thing. To survive. To be accepted. To not care what other minds will think about us. It holds us back. Misery, hopelessness, destruction, weakness, depression, it all has one thing in common. To make us feel like we're nothing, but it keeps us moving. Well keeps the Strong moving. Guess that's where the weakness comes in. You know this is why I usually just don't talk. Because when I actually do talk, I sound all weird and shit. But sometimes you've to say whatever it is that is on your mind. I know who I am. But no one shall ever see it. I am me, happy, sad, ecstatic, depressed, weak, strong, respectful, and disrespectful, blunt, shy, honest, and a lie, am I any different than everyone else? We're all humans, and we are all overrated. What else do we accomplish when we have these wars with our minds. This is not our world. We do not belong. We do not have the right of life, not here. When we die, what's it like? I never saw a white light, just darkness. Darkness that made everything content, I felt restless as I was slowly dying. Now I'm alive, yet I feel like I'm suffocating, being squeezed by this life of mine that is not allowed to be free. Ha, free. What is the meaning of that word? This world has been destroyed by the men and women of all centuries passed and in the comings. Freedom for this world will be the ending of human existence. Resistance, we fight to stay alive, what for? To live another day, to fight another war? What if we all die at the same time? Quick, painless, happy with no one dying alone. Why are we brainwashed to thing people who think about death are depressed or suicidal? Have you just not met anyone else like me? You think of death as sorrow, when I find death a release from all the suffering we've endured. A beautiful death, pale cheeks, cold skin, blue veins, white eyes, slowly whitening of the hair. To be a person with so much perspective, you'll have to go through a lot. So much pain, sorrow, disaster, lies, death, hurt, disbelief, rape, and broken promises. Who am I? I am me, I am just a name upon a tomb when I lay into my grave with my cold pale whitening body. One of many brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. I am who? No, I am not you, I am a vessel waiting for my days to go by. To bring me into the content darkness that we all will see when we close our eyes. Open yours and don't be blinded by the false gods or the science. We are crops, we die, we are buried or burned, either way we deteriorate into nothing. I am we, we are me, she is he, he is they, they are everyone, everyone is no one, No one I am no one. We are non existent. So who am I? Well, people call me by a name, but I am not. I am something less than a name, but more than a flame. I have my own thoughts, I am not programmed with the lies you believe. I am who I make me. No one controls my mind. My mind is all I have left. Who is this Devan?
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    Certainly an interesting perspective.

    Does letting this out help you in any way?
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    I don't really know.
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    Hope you stick around - i've noticed you in chat and wouldn't mind sharing a conversation one day, as i'm not easily triggered by anything.
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    My mind seems to go endless too for hours. Always thinks about the world and all the people out in the world that really need help.
    I'm listening. :)

    If you ever like to talk or anything, I'd like that. Many people think about this but I think are too afraid to open up.
    Maybe afraid of being looked down on but it's just a thought.

    Hope it helped you to get this all out.