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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by wrbotha, Oct 4, 2015.

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  1. wrbotha

    wrbotha Member

    How does one regain a sense of purpose in life, once this has been lost? Everything feels so meaningless. Like i have no hope for anything.

    Please dont suggest i should see a professional. I just want some sincere responses to the problem i describe above, from others who understand, perhaps, what this feels like.
    Thank you.
  2. sadcat

    sadcat Well-Known Member

    You want worth - then help others. Give of yourself - without expecting anything in return.
    Works for me.

    hugs, sadcat
  3. wrbotha

    wrbotha Member

    Thanks for the advice sadcat.
  4. Cicada 3301

    Cicada 3301 Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Find a purpose. Volunteering, work, reading, music, films, tv, sports, cooking, going back to school/college. I know these are only small things, but sometimes you need to build on the things that you once loved to regain interest in life. It takes some time to get back into things and it won't work for all of them, but if you can re-gain some hobbies/interests you'll find yourself enjoying life a little bit more and maybe you can find a sense of purpose again.
  5. wrbotha

    wrbotha Member

    Thanks cicada.

    Everything i once loved feels dead or lost to me forever. But need to see whats left. I used to be such an idealist, and loved people, the world. But then over time reality sinked in.
  6. True-Lee

    True-Lee Well-Known Member

  7. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I know how you feel, you feel like you have no sense of purpose and everything is meaningless, I'd simply suggest joining some local activities, talking to us here about your issues, while we may not have all the answer, we can share our stories which might help. Good luck to you,
  8. True-Lee

    True-Lee Well-Known Member

    wrbotha, I really do not know the answer to your question, I do want to say, I think that you came to the right place and you asked the right question, I would like to say welcome, While I am not asking the question the way that you did, I have wondered the same thing.

    I don't know how anybody can find a purpose once the one that you had has been lost, I won't tell you to see a professional for the answer, all they can do is help you survive until you do find a purpose of some kind until you find YOUR PURPOSE
    The people in here can help you until the time comes that you chose another purpose that you might find fulfilling, it might not be yours it might just be a mission or job even a simple chore that helps some one else for a while, I like you have lost my purpose, in fact all of my reasons for living and enjoying life, I also have no hope for anything. Would you mind sharing what you are going through, you don't have to but it might help others to help you, the people in here come from many different backgrounds, life styles and positions in life, they might not have the same job or ideals or point of view as you do but they do have some ideas they do know some of what works for them or what does not, please ask, please read, please talk to some of the others here, I do not know you, but I want you to give the people that are here a chance to help you find your own answers, because there is no one answer that works, I know I have tried a few already! Give yourself that chance slow down, take a deep breath, try to live a little while longer,
    although I can not see it any more, I know for a fact this world is a beautiful , wonderful place, you took a chance to come here, take another chance, Live! what have you got to lose by trying? I really do wish you the best, it's there!
  9. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    Hi, wrbotha. That's a difficult emotional space to be in. I'm sorry you're feeling it right now.

    Maybe just keep trying things until one clicks and feels like it has something in it that makes sense to you? I know it's hard when things seem "meaningless." I think though, that there's lots we can do that makes the world a better place, either for ourselves or for ourselves and others, too...from painting pictures to music to walking dogs to washing dishes to helping an older person carry groceries...and everything in between...I think a lot depends on individual experiences, talents, likes/dislikes. As Cicada noted, some things will fit for you and work, others might not, and it does take some time. When we feel like something isn't going to be fun, so we don't go and do it, we miss out on the chance it might "more fun" than we think...I know that was true for me, anyway.

    Your purpose or meaning in life is likely different from mine and anyone's because we are all different. I don't think we can really tell others what will make things good/meaningful for them. But we can all look for things that are important in our own values and then aim to put that out into the world somehow.

    So maybe just get out and "do" stuff...When the right activity comes along that feels right, I think you'll know and it will make sense to you...whatever it is.

    What things did you enjoy doing before? I hope you can find that sense of enjoyment again!
  10. Nitrosum

    Nitrosum Member

    Enjoy the little things in life. Like mentioned above, everyone is different. Personally I like making others happy - the ability to make someone smile is the only feeling of accomplishment I feel.

    Do things you enjoy. The key is to keep yourself busy - it keeps your mind from wandering. Yes, I know that is difficult. I've pulled through months of ongoing pain last year, and well, here I am again shortly after another downfall.

    Sometimes it's good to speak what's on your mind. We are all here to help.
  11. wrbotha

    wrbotha Member

    Thanks everyone. Yes keeping busy helps. I did my PhD when i last felt depressed, and now that that is done i am slipping back into this state. Im not sure i want to just keep doing things so as to not feel suicidal. It gets tiresome and the motivation wears off after a while. Like the motivational fuel to live is now running on empty.

    I think helping others sound good.
  12. Unknown_111

    Unknown_111 Forum Buddy Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Welcome to the forum. Find a purpose in life. For example, I felt worthless for two years now but I help the homeless in my local town. I have affiliation to them as they are live each day struggling and they are totally rewarding in trying to rebuild my life as well as helping others. You know your true friends in your hour of need. I built a lot of relationships with these folks. I do not judge but try my best to help them. For me it's a purpose as I cannot walk past people who just beg for food in modern world.
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