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If I could could only buy my freedom

I wrote a long post. too many details. too much of me. Stupid really, seeing how the whens and whys hardly matter now.

I'm so angry at myself for allowing us to end up in this situation. We will never be free and I don't think anything can change that. If I could step out of myself, I would kick the crap out of me. I'm such a piece of crap, no wonder nobody ever loved me.

I been looking for a solution and I find none. At least no one I can achieve under my current circumstances. like trying to dig a hole to china. Some times it feels like the only way out is dying.

My life is a waste of time. waste of oxygen. waste of space.

When I look at all the post here, I have to wonder, why were any of us even born? Is this much suffering necessary?

Life is so beautiful, really. I wish I could live it


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Hey @cecill It sounds like you're really hurting. You'll always have a place to share your pain. Pain shared is pain lessened. We're here for you, and we're glad to have you here.


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Hello and welcome, so much in your story I understand and live myself. It can be frustrating but I continue on and hope that you will also.

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