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If I ever see another pair of jeans again I am burning them.


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Got two pairs of jeans today and both of them are too small I fucking hate my stupid fat tummy it ruins everything this is why I can’t buy trousers because they never fit and I can’t handle buying a bigger size because that means I’ll be a 10 not an 8 I don’t want my clothes size to be in double figures kill me. I hate my body I hate my tummy it’s horrid and clothes never fit because of it people say I’m small and slim I’m not I’m fat and dumpy I wanna kms


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I think it's better to buy jeans that fit you than the wrong size which is less comfortable and less nice. It's just a number that is supposed to help you find what suits you best, but it varies in every shop and doesn't mean anything about you. Your body is fine (as long as you're healthy).
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If that makes you feel better but a different brand and fit. Size 8 from a different brand might fit you just perfect. SMH @ Jeans it drives me bonkers myself I can be one or even 3 different sizes across different brands in the store. Its everyones struggle.

Hugs there you are definitely not alone in this frustrating issue.

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