if i knew how to let it out, I would do so...

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  1. TLA

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    I'm hollow and hurting, I would love to say one thing triggers or spurs me to tears, but it's the fact that I will be alone for the holidays. And forever.

    I am crying and need to stop crying as I'll soon run out of tissue.
    I hate feeling sadness is all I know.
    Hate the headache afterwards.
    I cry so much that my left eye swells closed.
    I cry cuz I am so powerless to change my situation.
    shit it all to hell.
    I've cried my whole life....my whole life is been boo hooing with all my family members. I just will just quietly go away.
    I cry cuz I miss my son. I miss my grandmother.
    I cry when I Od cuz then my pain will stop.
    Tears to stop.
    Then I can plan whats left.
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  3. Terry

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    Why forever TLA, we never know what is round the corner.

    Know what you mean about the holidays tho...dreading Christmas
  4. TLA

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    Not dreading the holidays, I always loved the specialness that you have.
    Now, I don't have that joy or special feeling of being wanted.
    I only feel sadness that I am alone.

    I don't think there will be any "around the corner" for me.
    I don't see any future.