If I lose him...I'd die

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    Too many of u believe a horse is just a dumb animal, a pain to feed and clean and take care of but to me a horse is freedom, a beautifully spirited creature with all the love and respect youve ever wanted. Deck is all I have, hes beautiful in every way from his deep brown caring eyes to his black flowing tail. Poetry in motion when he runs like he doesnt have a care in the world. The ground trembling with each step of his delicately carved hooves. You cant tear your eyes away from his glistening coat as it shines in the sunlight.

    I talked to a woman I have known a long time, she told me the barn is going under...the owners husband is battling cancer we dont know how long he has. the owner is getting tired of working in the barn, tired of caring for the horses. Deck is part of that barn, I cant lose him. God if anything ever happened to him I wouldnt be able to to live with myself. Sure u all think this is stupid to believe in an animal. To believe that one creature, one spirit, one soul can save a woman who had nothing left to live for...but Deck has. He has been there for me no matter what was happening or who was there. He always knew and gave me that look of understanding that no one else could. I am a complete mess over this, Deck and I are one...when we are together we are free, no one can touch us, nothing bad can happen. I owe my LIFE to him...if it were for Deck id be DEAD long ago. I dont ask for this love he gave it not asking for anything in return. We were meant to be togther, fate brought us together...I cant let fate break us apart.

    I love him so much, more than any creature I have ever known. Unconditional friendship, love and respect that no one can take away...I cant lose him I just cant *cries*
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    *hugs HandofSorrow tight*
    I totally understand what you're saying and it's not stupid to love Deck as you do...It's so good you have him and he has you..
    are there other barns about that can take your horse in when it's time to move?

    we had a horse many years ago when I was married and on a farm..
    he was the most arrogant and cantankerous animal but I loved him...never rode him but my children did...

    I hope you can find a new home for your friend ...
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    I absolutely understand what you are saying...my 17 year old cat died New Year's Eve and I feel I lost one of my best friends...Kitten loved me and I let him in at times when I would never allow any of my human friends near me...like Deck, Kitten saved my life many times...I miss him all the time and feel a deep empty space in my heart without him...J
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    Deck belongs to the owners of the barn...if he were mine id bring him home...i dunno maybe I can buy him if it comes to it. It would everything I own probably but I dont care...id live out of a box if it meant I would have Deck and he would be safe.