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  1. ImInLovexx

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    If only i could see myself as the beautiful girl im told to be, if only i could see the slim body im said to have..if only.

    its hard to talk to people about my "feelings" i dont want to sound stupid. and the one person who i feel most comfortable with..its hard for me to even talk to him. sure, eventually i tell him everything..but it just feels like im putting more stress on him. im such a bother. :sad:
  2. PressedIn

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    If "he" really cares about you, then he'll understand, and not think of you as a bother. He you don't want to tell him you're free to tell us, we're always listening.
  3. Allo..

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    Im sure you dont sound stupid.. everyone needs to let out at times. Your not a bother and i hope that you can relax more about talking now that your here on SF =)

    Take care _%
  4. Wiseman

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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if one cannot see beauty in ones self then ones beauty is but lie to them
    To think of ones self as pretty all one has to do is say the two magic words
    I am
    and viola ones interpretations are only true to ones self.

    If one truly loves you then he shall understand and help as much as he may.