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if only

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Its really hard to take isnt it? Loving someone, imagining what it could be like, laying awake at night...just wondering. I dont know who this is, but I know there is somebody out there for everyone. Hold tight.
I know what love your talking about. Like i said before she does care, trust me. I know it. The things you said i dont agree with at all. Not in the slighest. I know you long for that love and thats only natural. Trust me darling.

Why say fuck it? Im only telling you about the impression i get off that person. They even told me they do care. Its natural. Take it out on me, i don't mind :smile: can tell your angry and upset so use me to get it out. Don't keep it in.

Sa Palomera

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I'm sorry bout this guys :sad:

Just had a really nasty nightmare just before I posted that. I dreamed that the person I was talking about in this post, tried to strangle me :cry:

I'm fine now though. Still am convinced she doesn't give a fuck about me, but I'm at piece with it. You can't have everything the way you'd like it to be, eh :dry:
Oh hunni, you should of told me :sad:

I knew you was dreaming about being strangled thats why i woke you up and checked you was ok, didn't know who the dream was about, thought it was the same person that you dreamt it was before :sad:

She does give a fuck and im gonna prove it to ya because i completely disagree with you about this. The dream doesn't mean a thing. Im gonna prove to you that she does care and that she isn't only around because of the reasons you told me.

love ya,

Viks x


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Est hun, have you seen a doc about these dreams? There is medication that you can take that will stop you dreaming for a bit so that you can at least get some solid sleep. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Sa Palomera

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well I need to sort out a doc first. I still have a doc back at where I used to live and yes I know it's been like 5 months since I moved, but I haven't seen any doctor in like a year or so. I will sort all that out soon though.

it's just hard, because sorting the doc and everything I have to sort out still would also mean I'm slowly cutting off all bonds with the place where i've lived for 18 years, and all the people there. And I'm having a bit of a hard time with it, eventhough I know it'd be for the best. :unsure:
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