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If Only...

I am new to this community and I can only start out by saying I know what it feels like to want to commit suicide. I have decided to join this forum not only to talk freely but also to ask for your help.

I am 16 and a junior at Oak Park High School. In my english class we have to write a reserch paper. I have chosen to write about Teen Suicide and its relationship to the stress of school. I am hoping that you can help me by telling me information and other things that could help me with my paper.

I am also hoping to start my paper with a teen suicide case and I would love to use one that you give me and tell me about {instead of reading about one and learning what the author thinks to make the story more interesting}.

Thank You in advanced for anything you give me<3

<3 Annee <3


Hi Annee, we don't really allow people to collect information from members but if you'd like to pm me with any questions you have I would be happy to answer to the best of my ability.
I am sorry you have to understand what being suicidal is like. Not an easy question to ask, nor one to admit you know the answer to. We do ask that you do not use the forum as a place to get information for any type of research. I hope you will understand and respect the privacy of our members. Thank you. :)


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Just a relevant general fact.

Springbreak (1 week holiday) was created the week before universities Midterms, because this was the week statistically that the most college kids commited suicide. So springbreak was an attempt to reduce suicide rate, now its just an excuse to see boobies :)
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pm means a private message.

If you click on the members name it produces a list of options, one of which is to private message the person. This means only you and that person can see what you write.

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