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    If only I knew for sure that if i struggled pass this period then I would do what it takes to keep me motivated to live life. Yet there is no certainty that there will be no more period of isolation, loneliness, despair, pain, sorrow and disappointment. Then may be this is all there is.
  2. resistance

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    Nothing is certain in life. You could view it that way but then you could see it as if you get through this stage of life, you'd end up feeling the positive emotions. I understand you feeling life isn't going to get better, but it can get better. It takes time, but it is possible. Don't give up. :hug:
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    There is no way to tell what the future will bring. I do know things are constantly changing. Sometimes we are unable to see the changes or we simply refuse to because we expect it to be the same as always. Don't give up on the chance that things can be different. :hug:
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    hey x worring about the future, and whats around the corner is natural to most human beings. some people cope with it by thinking positive and others think of it as negative, and those who think positive are more likely to have positive outcomes, as they will take alot more stuff than negative people. dont worry tho, i think most people on this site, is probs thinking it as well. im worried about the future, im dreading it. i cant wait until i become old, as i become closer to death.
    Hope you feel better soon.. x

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