if the entire earth spontaneously exploded in an epic blaze of glory

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lets hope our whole supercluster explodes to get the attention of aliens living 10 billion light years away from here, even if thats not physically possible


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Cool with me.

I'm a rock star from another planet.

This one - Earth - is the one I currently reside on.

But maybe we can get someone to rock our universe instead of blowing everyone up.

but yes - if it happened - I'd be on a hilltop with a party - I'd buy every drug - hopefully kiss a beautiful woman as getting laid would be kinda pointless - plus - for some silly reason I'd actually have my camera and take photos of the last epic moments.

I'd avoid family - sisters weeping and wailing - like James Brown! I mean people would be horrified! Fair enough - but I'd like to spend the last day care-free - freshly shaved, clean clothes - maybe a suit for a occasion!

Pointless as my camera and me would be atomised.

But my atoms would get their head together and go somewhere else.

So cheers!


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that would be awesome, I would feel bad for all the animals though, they do not deserve to die a painful death, but I would say about 70% of humanity I would be happy died


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We'd be flat as the thinnest sheet of paper. not a bad way to go... being crushed by the weight of gravity. Sun's gonna supernova anyway. Then instant *poof!*

Mr Stewart

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It would still take 10 billion years for the people living 10 billion light years away to see the explosion. Space is kinda big.
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