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  1. Cpt-Fantastic

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    my psychologist wanted to put me in a while back, and since then i never felt save disclosing everything to a mental health dr anymore but what actually happens when they take you in. i heard of a friend who had to be taken into a mental health facility it was you werent allowed to have a phone but they gave you a bed and they gave you gym facilities but he hasnt told me more and i havent dared to ask him more since it is not something he likes to talk about but how is it when they take you in, what happens?
  2. dazzle11215

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    i've been in the hospital 5 times. it's pretty boring, actually. you get to see the psychiatrist daily. there's usually a social worker or nurse to chat with in between seeing the doctor. they put you on new meds or adjust your meds then monitor you to see how they're working. sometimes there are groups, or activiities (like making collages, making cards). a tv lounge and some books to read. mostly i slept. i was exhausted from being so suicidal for so long. i needed to catch up on my rest and stabilize my emotions. i wasn't happy to be in the hospital at the time but always was glad about it afterwards. see if you can go in as a voluntary patient. that way you can leave when you want. as non-voluntary you have to wait for the doctor to ok you to leave.
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    It depends if your talking about a hospital or like a state hospital (like 6months stay)

    In the Hospital they keep you about a week, boring, and you go to some groups. Depends on the hospital and what they allow.

    In Res / State Hospital its a lot different. Ive only been to 2 adolescent ones though. But If you want to know more You can always Message me or talk to me in the chat room. I'm on Chat pretty frequently.
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