If you are suicidal then read this!

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Christy20315, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. Christy20315

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    My brother Junior battled with a mental heath disorder all his life. He was always a handful to my parents. He had his good days and he had his bad days. My parents did all they could for him. He spent alot of his life going in and out of hospitals. Some times it would be for 2 days, and other times he spent 6 months in the hospital. He had alot of of friends, some were good friends and other ones were bad friends. He started using drugs, and started stealing from me and my family. The police got involved, and he got arrested, But all we wanted was for him to get help, and go to rehab, Well he went to rehab, but that did not work. He started stealing again, so he got arrested again, and this time he went to jail. He was in jail for about 2 months. On August 2,2007 my parents had a knock on the door, and it was the sheriffs. They told my parents that my brother had killed him self in the county jail. I never got to say goodbye. My brother was only 23 years old. I dont understand why he felt that this was the only way. and that he had to do this. He had a long life to live. I just wish that i knew his last thoughts, maybe me or my family could of talked to him, or got him help. I blame my self a little bit. I just hope that he knew how much i loved him. and i think about him every day and all day. Junior i love you! Rest In Peace. October 4,1983 - August 2,2007.... I know how it feels to lose a loved on to suicide. Its very painful. and there is alot of questions unanswered There are people that care about you. Even if you don't think there are. So please get help. I know life some times is hard, but belive me things do get better. I know it may seam like it dosent but it dose.I have tried killing myself when i was 16, i am now 21, I went and got help, and things are better for me. Its not going to get better over night but it will in time.
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    hugs christy

  3. i'm sorry for your loss my friend, I survived my attempt on may 17th 2007, I was going to do another attempt the same day again, but i had seen my little brother, and decided to hold on, from now on, take me as your brother and consider that he survived, I will always be there with you whenever you need me, when life get's painful, just know I am suffering with you and fighting for things to get better...
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    I am so sorry to hear about the struggles of your brother and subsequently your family. Thank you for sharing this with us. It is good to know that there is life after a loved one suicides and that things can get better when you also feel there is no hope left. I know you will never forget your brother, but I hope you have happy memories to rmember him by. Take care. :hug:
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