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If you could be a Dog/Cat...

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I've annoyed the hell out of Curtius with this question, so now I'll annoy everyone else!!

If you could be any kind of Animal, what would you be?

me? A Big Fat Malamute :rolleyes:


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I'd be a cat.. but not just any cat.. i'd be my cat.. she's so spoilt.. she has a purrfect life! She sleeps 18 hours a day and the other 6 she's out hunting, playing with her mum, eating, cleaning and resting..


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I'd have to be a cat... in a dog's body.:blink: Why?? Because dogs are eternally loyal and devoted - even to owners who treat them like shit and worse. A cat in a dog's body would be loyal and devoted like a dog, but if treated badly, or neglected, would either bite or claw the Bad Ones or just leave, never to be seen again.


abuse/neglect of animals - companion or otherwise - really pushes my buttons!!:mad: :mad:
theleastofthese said:
abuse/neglect of animals - companion or otherwise - really pushes my buttons!!:mad: :mad:

I'd be a dog :D

A King Charles Cavalear to be precise - because I'd be so cuddly (and also because I could say that I had a long breed name! ;) )
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