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If you could be ANYTHING...

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(I'm not sure if there's been another thread like this recently as I'm a fairly new member, so I apologize if this is old hat. I ran a search and didn't find anything, so here goes.)

I was just daydreaming as usual, and I came up with a couple fun questions for all of you:

1.) If you could be anything, what would you be? Your answer can be another person, an animal, a mythical creature, an object, etc. Anything at all!

2.) As a follow up, why?

I personally would be an android, because often in sci-fi they have superhuman intelligence and/or strength, typically have no true emotions, are usually attractive because somewhere along the line they were designed by someone, and--should the need arise--they can be turned off and dismantled at any time.

So... what about you?

Mr Stewart

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I think I could manage being a tree. Like a redwood or some variety of conifer. Maybe up high near the treeline of a mountain. This sentience business hasn't struck me as anything particularly desirable to be. Seems like a curse, more like. All that thinking and moving around is a recipe for trouble and sadness.
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i'd be a polar bear

cute fur, top of the food chain, all that hanging around ice floes and swimming in the ocean. plus my kids would be really cute.

Growing Pains

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I'd be a dog. (Provided I have a good owner) I'd have life handed to me. My biggest worries would be when my next walk would be, when my next Milk-Bone will be handed to me, and whether or not the other dog in the house is going to steal my toy.

Mr Stewart

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This is a genius idea. Genuine question: how does a toaster eat toast without re-toasting it? Would you be a human with a toaster back?
Burning is the toaster equivalent of chewing and digestion. Everytime your toast is burned, it was your toaster trying to keep that delectable crisp breadyness for itself.


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Simply put... I would want to be healthy. Mentally and physically. No more asthma, anxiety or this severe depression I battle. I want to live a life of happiness and not have to worry about being able to breathe or being stuck in bed because I'm so down that I can't get out of bed.
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