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if you could be anywhere?

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The places I most want to go to are Finland, Alexandria and Colorado =)

but right now if i could be anywhere.. id be at Picanniny Point


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Well, as everyone here knows, I'd like to go to England someday.

But as for where I'd like to be right now:

Sitting in George's Cafe in Brockton Massachusetts, at the bar with my Dad, my brother-in-law Dan, and my best friend John. We'd all have a couple of beers and some pizza. My Dad and Dan would be playing Keno while John and I gab about horror movies. That's where I'd like to be right now.

Mr Stewart

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In the house I grew up in, I think. Before my family fell apart. But I don't want to go back to the way it was. I want it to be the way I wish it had been. Or maybe, to go back to one specific day, a day when nothing bad happened and I was happy. Go to then and there and make time stand still. :sad:
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