If you could change yourself completely, would you still want to die?

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    I've been thinking about this ever since my little incident… I don't think I've ever wanted to die, and all of my suicidal thoughts mostly come from a desire to punish myself for not measuring up to expectations, or because I don't think that I could ever find the strength to change… or sometimes because I'm depressed and can't feel anything. Sometimes there are things I have a hard time dealing with because they frustrate me and I feel like I have a really low tolerance for that.

    But then I started thinking and I realized that if I could magically change myself into someone that I would like to be, then I probably wouldn't feel that way.
    And then I wonder if I can't just change myself into that without magic.

    So yeah, I think maybe it's possible to undo everything you've done and start over in a lot of cases, or at least, to make the best of what you have left.
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    I think you have several excellent points Gloomy, certainly things we all should consider. That is a basic summary of my quote talking about what you want now as opposed to what you want most. I think the majority of us want happiness the most , and suicide is a distant "want now"...

    Thank you for your Post
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    Even with all the pain that I've endured, and still do, I wouldn't change a thing (cliche, right?). I honestly wouldn't. All of the things I've had to go through has me the strong person I am today. Yes I have my moments where I would love to die, but I pull through.

    I think if I changed I wouldn't know who I am. All my struggles have helped me figure out who I am. I can't even think about what my life would be like or who I would be if I didn't have diabetes, depression, suicidal tendencies etc... I can't really rememeber that person before the depression set in. I didn't know myself at all.

    One of my biggest problems is my low self esteem, and not being able to trust myself. I second guess myself constantly. I need to trust myself, and I believe I will be alright!

    Not sure if I answered your question...