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If you knew when you would die

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1). Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had a million dollars? I think we all have considered that question at one point in time. In my experience no one ever answers that question the same way.. though there are some similarities.

I'm here to ask you the OTHER question. I think we've all answered it at one time or other as well. It's almost as popular as question #1.

2). What would you do if you knew you had 24 hours to live?

The thing I find facinating about the second question is people make a list of "things they want to accomplish, experience or have before death. It has occured to me just how reversed that list is for people planning their death.

I am suicidal. It seems to vary from "some day I will" to "Ok, this is it!". But in all my suicidal plans I never planned the "living" portion. What I mean is, when you ask most people question #2 they tell you all their "living" plans. Things they want to do with their life, etc. I've planned my last will & testament, planned my funeral, planned my death but I haven't planned my life and that struck me as odd.

The more I thought about it, the more important the question seemed.

So, what would you do?


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1). If I had a million dollars I would pay off my medical and school debts, buy a house in California near my sisters place, and travel to Europe, Italy and France. I would also invest into my own personal art studio.

2). If I knew I only had 24 hours to live I would want more time! (cause some of the things I want to do take longer.. ) like flying out to california to see my sister and family. Make one more Painting I can be proud of. Play my harp as therapy in a nursing home or hospital. Spend a fun afternoon with family, friends and my cute little dog Dixie in the park, BBQ. Buy a fabulous dress, shoes, diamond necklace and earings and dine out with the guy of my choice. On a smaller scale: a warm bubble bath, scented candles and soft music. Followed by hot cocoa, a comfy blanket and a good book.


Move far away from here and find a simple job and a simple life maybe up in Alaska (its cold so not many people would bug me up their). Far away from people and society, would be nice to look outside and not see a giant city in the picture.

With twenty fours hours left to live, I would say goodbye to most of the people that I know, pick up a couple packs of smokes and head up in the hills, I know a great place to sit and watch the sunset and the stars as they come out. I have no last great adventures that I have always wanted to do and would like to spend my last few hours in this life where I feel most at home, far away from people listing to the life of the forest around me.



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If I had a million dollars, I would make sure my kids are well taken care of... after all, if I only had 24hrs. to live, I would have no use for it.

As for the second question... I would make sure my affairs are in order, buy some smokes... and sit on the beach to watch the sun go down.


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1. I would buy a 1967 VW microbus, renovate it, stick a porsche engine in it(people actually do this) and pretty much stay high 24/7. Oh yeah, and get an apartment in a nicer part of town.

2. First, I would say goodbye to the few people that i care about. Then, id probably just sit in a corner by myself and think about how bad my life turned out,until i dropped dead.


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If I had a million dollars... I'd pay my few debts, buy the house I've been renting for almost 20 yrs, and build myself an animal sanctuary for all the homeless, unwanted, neglected, or abused animals.

If I only had 24 hrs to live I'd spend it with family and friends (and my animals).


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First, if I had a million dollars.. I would also pay off a few debts and I would help others who were struggling and also animal lover, help unwanted, abused, neglected animas.. which I have tried to do over the years.. several miracle pets.. never had to find a pet..they found me.. so deeply sad and bring awareness of these animals that have suffered so much..

Second.. 24 hrs. to live. I love the beach.. and that is where I will be.. and if in those 24 hrs. I can help somebody in their life.. at the beach.. I would.. do so... and spend time with my pets..


I would split the money between my family (and buy my little brother a nintendo DS lite because he keeps going on about wanting one even though he has a PSP lol)

and i'd go up to Parliament Hill:

and watch the sunset over London and wait for my time to come.
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1) Really wouldn't give a damn at the moment.

2) There's this pseudo-penninsula jutting into Lake Ontario south of Hyde Park towards the west end of the city. On top stands a twin set of appartment buildings overlooking a very stylish bridge spanning a creek emptying into the lake. Beneath the bridge, rocks line the shore, where you can sit as the waves gently lap onto the rocks. At nighttime, the downtown Toronto skyline is lit and you can simply pass hours away sitting there, admiring the picturesque view of the CN Tower, surrounding highrises, the searchlights beaming from The Guvernment nightclub, and the vast sky teeming with stars.

That would be the ideal place to either drown myself or await death. To stare admiringly at the beauty symbolistic of the beauty life refused me, as the last peaceful thought before perishing.


If I had a million dollars I would purchase for myself a small, well furnished home in a quite, secluded neighborhood that had lots of trees. I would have one room for exercise equipment, another for art stuff, a large den for television and stereo, a spacious kitchen, etc.

In the backyard I would have a large heated and cooled barn built to protect my animals.

I would purchase two reasonably priced vehicles and keep them in the garage until I needed them ( rarely ) and then I would place the rest of the money in a bank account and live off the interest.

Once the afore-mentioned administrative issues had been dealt with, I would withdraw from the world and do my best to avoid all human contact.

If I knew that I had only 24 hours to live I would probably go to a local park, find a secluded spot...and wait.

Funny ( and sad ) in a way, those individuals no longer among us who have actually completed the act of suicide can be said to have acurately known the exact time of their death, since by their own hand they controlled the entire process.


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If I only had 24 hours to live, I think that I would want to die
on the top of Mount Everest or some majestic mountain among a large mountain range.
If I only had 24 hours to live, I think I would just donate that money, don't know where exactly, I wouldn't have enough time to enjoy it.


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1) get out of debt, buy a new home, bank the rest and live off the intrest....of course thats after helping out my family and friends....

2)tough question....I think I would charge up the cell phone....go somewhere peacefull and call my family and friends, not to say goodbye, just to talk to one more time....maybe do some one on one time with my creator and then just wait....
1) A million eh ? id make sure my friends and family were well setup - get myself that american muscle car ive always wanted and bank the rest.

2) 24Hours, i would walk outside this house right now - jump into my mums car (its fairly powerful V6 jobby) .. i would tech myself to drive right there and then , swing by and collect my mates - my girlfriend. And do what we always talk about - just blast - all those amazing roads, way to fast. Then stop at a place i know .. looking down the thames valley onto reading seeing all the lights and the stars, god i would hold her close to me and do something ive never found the strenght to do .. just cry.. and let the end come to me. ( i would hate the idea of screwing her up becuase of it though )


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if i had 24 hours to live, i would let people know what i think of them
im ashamed to say this, but i would let people know how much they have hurt me, just so they know they cant get away with it
and i would tell the ones i love just how much i love them. as its alot.

i wouldnt want to do anything special for myself. just to let others know the truth
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