if you love them, let them go

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Itsme:), May 14, 2011.

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  1. Itsme:)

    Itsme:) Well-Known Member

    is it fair that if someone is that unhappy they aren't allowed to leave if they are truely sure about it?
    is it fair to make them suffer? everyone says about relationships 'if you love them, let them go' can it be applied to suicide? But who has that kind of strength?

    this will probably spark of some big debate...
  2. jota1

    jota1 Well-Known Member

    Somehow I dont think that phrase was meant for suicide.
  3. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    To love someone and let them go means, to let them go and live their own life. If they love you and want you, they will come to you. That's how I see that saying atleast.

    It's not really the same sort of thing in my eyes. :(
    but i do know what you mean. I just... if you love someone, and they are in pain,.. you dont give up on them, and when they give up, you try to fight for them when they cannot.
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  4. icequeen

    icequeen Well-Known Member

    just being unhappy is not a reason for suicide. i dont think there is a person alive who has not been unhappy. on your reasoning the population wld disappear in a week or less.

    if you love them let them go does not relate suicide. its like passing responsibility on to someone else.

    if you want commit suicide, is it fair to make someone else responsible (i accept that peeps can be driven to suicide by bullies/abuse etc). i would not put the blame of my suicide on anyone else, it is my choice, i wasnt forced to do it by anything other than my capacity to cope faded to nothing. i have already written a note to explain my reasons and to make sure that my friends dont feel they could have done more. i am not advocating suicide, but please dont put the guilt of it on others. have you told others how you feel, you have to be honest with everyone so that they dont feel guilty and wish they could have done more.

    keep posting here and maybe you will get the strength to carry on which i truly hope :hug:
  5. Itsme:)

    Itsme:) Well-Known Member

    there is always going to be guilt left behind

    who has the strength to accept someone is going to take their life?
    i don't even think that kind of strength exists
  6. icequeen

    icequeen Well-Known Member

    itsme, i am not undermining your pain and i am sorry if you thought that. if someone is truly deeply emotionally screwed, i dont think anyting other than profressional help can get them through it but on a basic level i think this site is amazing, its kept me here and helps me to get grounded. i would not seek approval for suicide, which was my point on passing the guilt on. no one would want you to commit suicide here so is it realistic to ask our opinion on is it fair. if we agree with you, you might die, how would we feel then..you get me?

    life is hard cruel mean and selfish but all of us here can hopefully help each other through our darkest hours.

    stay safe, we need you.
  7. Itsme:)

    Itsme:) Well-Known Member

    Sorry, i wasn't clear
    Its my girlfriend who is suicidal not me x
  8. icequeen

    icequeen Well-Known Member

    ok itsme, but the same principal applies....all i would add is that i am sorry that you have this additional pressure...can you get her on here? you cant deal with her pain alone...the guilt transferance alone is evil. take care hun, but i still stand by what i said earlier....but how does she make you feel with her ideas?

  9. Itsme:)

    Itsme:) Well-Known Member

    It scares me, it scares me that one day i'm going to wake up and be alone...
    one day she isn't going to be there to hold my hand to make my day better
    it scares me how everyone will blame me, because they will know i knew and did nothing when thats not true i'm doing everything i can >.<
    I hate how much i cry and can't tell her
  10. icequeen

    icequeen Well-Known Member

    :hug: guilt is the devil in disguise. have you tried to talk her out of it? have you encouraged her to go through it? why would peeps blame you. you are already feeling guilty for something that may not happen. tbh sometimes all the help in the world does not help, dont take on guilt before anything happens, those that you think would blame you, what are they doing? if they dont know her plans, tell them, let them take up the slack, its not fair on you to shoulder this burden if there are others than can help...people in glass houses.... :hug:
  11. daelyn

    daelyn Well-Known Member

    i think the quote "if u love them, let them go" was totally meant for suicide.........................im currently considerin it but my friends that kno r always tryin to convince me not to do it.....................they kno wat i have to live thru and w/ but yet they insist on me still livin...............................it sometimes seems like they WANT me to SUFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i often wonder how people would react if i wee to actually kill my self..........how many people would go to my funeral? how many people would go for me?
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