If you read It's Kind of a Funny Story...

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  1. TheStruggle

    TheStruggle Active Member

    I'm in almost the exact same situation. I've been studying really hard because my classes are getting harder, and now, the pressure has caught up to me. I just received awful grades, and I'm honestly ready to give up. For years, I've been holding myself back because of my tentative hopes of the future and my parents, but I know, when I tell them what grade I got, they'll blame me. They'll say I must not have studied hard enough, but I really, really did.

    I can't handle this anymore. I really can't, and I'm terrified.
  2. ChestnutMay

    ChestnutMay Antiquities Friend

    I've never read It's Kind of a Funny Story but it does have a happy ending doesn't it? Where the hero discovers what he's best at and does it? I gather you're stuck in the early part? I hope your parents actually get it - that you really did give it your best shot. Good luck with that confrontation.
  3. little lucy

    little lucy Active Member

    If you are in college your grades are none of your parent's business.
    If you are in highschool or lower, just try as hard as you can to ignore your parents. People like to tear other's down. But you shouldn't let a grade make you kill yourself.
  4. DrownedFishOnFire

    DrownedFishOnFire Seeing is Believing Forum Pro SF Supporter

    i read the book and the movie. Cool story.

    What about asking for help to start with instead of shouldering the burden on your own?
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