If you wanna say that:you're a teen and it'll pass then please don't. I know that.

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  1. b3nz3n3

    b3nz3n3 Member

    Hi...I'm 17...male.

    I made a post about my list of problems before but stopped replying because a guy said that I was just a teen and it'll pass.

    Been depressed for six months now I think. I keep feeling better and then I leave my home and i end up cutting again. I must have cut a 100 times in life now.

    I feel happy a lot of time now...maybe i'm not depressed and just looking for attention. That's what you were thinking,right?

    Anyways here's the scene...I have a gf who takes care of me. She wanted us to go trekking tomorrow without any warning...so I had to go buy warm clothes and all that in just a few hours. I begged her to just go alone but it was her dream for us to go together.

    So in the end I agreed to go but I said I wont leave the house and just asked mom to get my clothes. They left. I'm alone right now but they'll be home soon.

    I tried to <mod edit - methods>. I didn't go through it...it was too painful. I did try to <mod edit - methods> but then I just slightly managed to <mod edit - methods>. You are probably thinking that I did it for attention...no no i know you are not thinking that but i am. I think I'm just a fake teen who's doing this for attention.

    After doing that I threw my phone against the wall. The display is broken. I had bought a soft toy for my gf and she loved it very much. I ripped it apart. And then I made 25 cuts. I also broke two vases so my room is filled with broken glass...maybe I should walk on it...(no no I wont...I just said that so all of you will take me seriously)

    Now I'm downstairs trying to think that it'll all be OK.

    And now I'll tell you something...I hit my gf when I'm angry. I make her cry a lot of times. Shouldnt I break up with her? (If i do then she'll die. I am 90% sure of that)

    I want to get better but all i think is that people like me should die. They deserve to die. They shouldnt have a second chance.

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  2. Freya

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    Re: If you wanna say that:you're a teen and it'll pass then please don't. I know that

    I am not going to address the issue of whether or not you are in crisis or seeking attention. I don't know you, so I have no idea. You are obviously very angry and I don't know what issues are contributing to that because you do not explain. It is clear, however, that you need to see a doctor and get some therapy - both for your feelings and for your reactions. Responding to upset with violent and extreme actions (against yourself or others) requires therapy.

    I will say this - if you HIT your girlfriend and make her cry, then yes you should break up with her. And you should go and get yourself some help. You are very nearly an adult, teenager or not, and you need to take some responsibility for yourself. Your actions are not okay and you obviously need some help to make better choices, for yourself and for the people affected by your choices.
  3. JmpMster

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    Re: If you wanna say that:you're a teen and it'll pass then please don't. I know that

    You need to get help, since you have hit on every possible interpretation of being a danger to self and others it is very reasonable to say you are in crisis and are not capable of making decisions that do not endanger yourself and others. It is not okay or excusable to hit others and hurt others because you are angry. Whether the intent of your actions was actual harm to self or simply getting attention is equally irrelevant based on the actions themselves. You may not feel you are in crisis but all of your actions make clear that your judgement is not particularly sound right now so failing to get help is not a simply a decision on your own health and welfare.
  4. b3nz3n3

    b3nz3n3 Member

    Re: If you wanna say that:you're a teen and it'll pass then please don't. I know that

    Um...sorry for late reply. I had gone for trekking for 10 days. It was horrible. She got a sprain and I took care of her without breaking down so I am proud of myself.

    I literally am afraid to open this site...Its supposed to be friendly but I feel like you people are holding daggers ready to attack. I know you are just trying to help but just wanted to say how I felt.

    So yeah two topics,

    Breakup with GF: Look,obviously I don't want to but I am ready to do it if it makes her life better but see the thing is it wont. She is unstable too. She'll cut too. And she keeps saying that we'll figure out a way and that is enough to convince me. What do you think I should do?

    Help: I've been to four psychiatrists. The first said everything I did was irrational in the first session and that hurt me a lot(led to a suicide attempt). Second one referred me to a third psychiatrist. The third was also extremely hurtful(led to cuts...I actually dont even remember considering the huge amount of cuts). And the fourth was just a consult. I took meds too but really i just felt more bad and when I stopped(I know you will say I should not have stopped) I felt much better. What to do?

    And again sorry for late reply,hope you'll reply.
  5. b3nz3n3

    b3nz3n3 Member

    Re: If you wanna say that:you're a teen and it'll pass then please don't. I know that

    And could you reply too? I didn't know how to reply to two people together. My reply is just above this one. Thanks.
  6. JmpMster

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    Re: If you wanna say that:you're a teen and it'll pass then please don't. I know that

    If the meds made you feel worse then of course there is no point in continue to take, but simply because it was the wrong med does not mean they cannot help. It often takes a few tries to hit on the right combination I am unsure what the psychiatrist said or did that caused issues- I will say in general anytime you say part of your reaction process is to hurt other people that will not get a sympathetic response from psychiatrists or other people. What did they say about for diagnosis or what were the meds supposed to be treating if they prescribed meds?

    You talked a lot about your actions , but really didn't say anything about your life or situations that result in these actions and feelings so do not have much to go on so far as what can help or ideas to make things easier besides the "get help for your reactions"
  7. GreySilence

    GreySilence Well-Known Member

    Re: If you wanna say that:you're a teen and it'll pass then please don't. I know that

    First I feel I should address the issues I felt need to be brought up about your relationship. Now, this will probably hurt a lot to hear, and I apologize for that.
    If either partner in a relationship feels suicidal at any point during a relationship, it is not going to work out in it's current state. To kill yourself when you supposedly love someone, is like saying you don't care how much it'll hurt them if you die- It is contradictory, it is not love. I'm sure you've noticed- especially with how you seemed hesitant to go off trekking with her when it clearly meant a lot to her, on top of hitting her when you get angry, and breaking something that she gave you, that you do not love her. You will have to break up with her, but do it in the nicest way possible so that she is unlikely to kill herself. Reassure her that she is a great person, tell her that you enjoyed the time you spent with her, but that you feel that you two are simply incompatible romantically, and that you still want to remain friends (if you do at least, anyway). Do it as soon as possible, or if there happens to be a day coming up in the near future where it will probably have the best chance of happening smoothly. If you put this off for too long, it will only hurt her more in the end because she will have spent more time on you, and potentially become more attached.

    It seems the whole reason you want to kill yourself is that you are unhappy with your violent and angry behaviour. The way you act can certainly be changed as long as you try hard enough to. I used to be one heck of a case of anger management, but because I hated the way I was, I gradually learned how to get myself under control. Don't direct your disappointment with yourself into suicidal thoughts, change those feelings into a motivation to get back on the right track. Suicide will only accomplish hurting those who love you, yourself, and it'll deny you any chance to be happy again- throwing away your whole future.

    As long as your heart is in the right place, I'm sure you will be able too shape yourself into a kinder person. Don't give up on trying to change your behaviour, you will succeed if you have enough willpower.
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