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If you want your life to be over

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I read this quote-:

"Anyone desperate enough to commit suicide should be desperate enough to go to creative extremes to solve their problems: Elope at midnight, stow away on a boat to New Zealand, do all the things they dreamed of but were afraid to try."

It stopped me. Maybe it will stop you?
That's interesting...

Not going to say it's true, or that it'd work for everyone, because a lot of people at this point have exhausted all of their options and don't have the energy to go 'round being carefree and up-for-anything.

But it's an interesting quote. New perspective, I guess.


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"Creative extremes?" Watered out platitudes for the simple-minded. How about <Mod Edit: Abacus21-inappropriate> How about "going out with a buzz?" Or a "blast?"

The proposition is merely bland and naïve; an attitude accustomed to daytime TV and menopausal pumpkins who are stimulated by crossword puzzles. What good are extremes when no future is within sight? One who is determined to break the chain of pointless events (breakfast, lunch, work/school, relationships...) will merely scoff at the "Yay!-ness" and be all the more triggered to end it all.

"Never give advice unless asked" (German proverb).
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why can't people post what they want to post? or what they are feeling? no one asked you to post here..the unregistered person was trying to help people while you are trying to hinder people....so yah


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One who is DETERMINED to break the 'pointless' chain of events will get off their arse and start doing something about it rather than pissing all over the people who are just trying to suggest ways of relieving the pain of others.
Although you are entitled to your opinion i'm entitled to be opinionated and think you selfish for stereotyping menapausal women as crossword fanatics and daytime television watchers, and even more selfish for knocking down the advice of someone who is just trying to make the world a happier place for anyone they can. And your proverb is the epitomy of being taciturn. Everyone should walk around not talking because i'll be damned if I know a single person that could ask for everything without waiting to be asked first.
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I am glad that quote worked for you unregistered. And just maybe it will work for someone else. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us. :hug:

Unregistered blah blah

thats interesting.
not sure if it would save me, but its nice to think about living free before youre, well, free.


well I just think that many people who say they wanna die dont really mean it...they just want things to be better. So if you are thinking of ending ur life, why not try and change things first? Eg. I havent seen my dad for 18 years, (I am 20) well I just got in contact with him the other day - for ages I wouldnt dare send an email - cos I was afraid of the consequences, but then I just went ahead and did it. Its made me feel a LOT better about a lot of things. So maybe if you want to die, try and make improvements to your life first?


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the brain is
organic + no pain resepters
whats left
thoughts + behaviors
is calling out through through this any less relevent
then calling out to what ur ego has come to see
"real" intent
i would purpose u all r worth the effort.
those extreem attempts in life of acts of impulsivity are a measure of the brains illness.
i have participated in many.
with the good the bad follows.being impulsive is high risk.
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The biggest loser ever to live.
So maybe if you want to die, try and make improvements to your life first?

True, but it is MUCH easier said than done. When you are so depressed that you want to commit suicide, you feel that there can't be any improvements made, that your life is so bad that now you are beyond hope, nothing can improve your situation so you just have to kill yourself, that is EXACTLY how I feel right now. :sad: :sad: :sad:


I didnt say perfect, I said BETTER, better than it is now. I bet there is one thing you could change to at least make it 1% better. There are some things u cant change, but if u go to the gym or buy some nice clothes or get ur hair done, they are v superficial things, but they can make it better.


Not just that, any small stupid things: freshly cut grass that smells good, showing unconditional love to people, even if they dont show it to me...doing all I can to make this world less shit than it is atm. It doesnt erase the memories, but it gives me the determination to make this life a success.


Well thats why you should start thinking like that. Your life is useful if you are doing your best to make this world better than it is atm.
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