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if you were asked this, what would you do?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by White Dove, May 25, 2010.

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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    okay, if you were asked something by a family member and it it was like almost 100% their last wish would you honor it?

    okay, dad wants me to call his rep payee and ask for some money for a vacation to indiana, but he does not want to just go there to visit his brother. he wants to take his brother, me, my younger brother and his wife and 4 kids to that holiday world/splashing safari, and camp in a tent right next door to it at roudolph campground and fish and all. He said that he knows he has not got much time left and that he wants to spend a family vacation with all of us before he gets too bad to go anywhere.

    I want to honor his wish because i fully believe a person does indeed know when they are about to pass away. but on the other hand i do not like dealing with them down there because the lady there most the time seems like she has not got a heart or care or maybe she just in a bad mood every time i call anyhow, dad gets quite a lot of money per month and they only pay out $600 that i know of per month and they been his rep for God knows how many years and only give him a little for christmas and sometimes clothes.

    Dad wants to ask for $2000 to pay everyones way in, plus gas, plus campground, fishing, etc.. i really want to take him because if he feels he is about to pass on and all and for them to refuse dad his own money to take what is a good chance his last trip, last wish it will totally devastate him..

    i have his medical test results, and i am sure they could get it if they needed to and we could and would give them receipts for every penny spent. When dad passes they will have to return every dime right back to the goverment so i don't see why they would not grant him this i don't want dad's money, i had a chance to take over his check a long time ago but refused it because i care for dad not his money. i know make a wish foundation helps children but not sure about adults wish, but anyhow dad don't need their cherity he has his own money and it would not be right to take a wish from something like that when dad has his own money and to do so might cause a child or another person who really needs cherity to go without..

    it's going to be rough on me when he passes away. i just want to see him happy and enjoying his self while he can. just wondering what would you do if it were you? would you make that call knowing they may say no like so many times and devastate a dying wish which it may very well be..
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