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Sa Palomera

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If I'm not back online before Wednesday evening, then don't try to call me, text me or whatever, cos there'd be no point.

I'm sorry.

THank you for everything though, my friends.

And I'm sorry for being the waste of space and bandwith I've been on this forum.

Be good, stay safe and I wish you all the best.

xoxoxo big big big Hugs,

Ester x
oi, don't you dare talk like that. I didn't do anything when you asked me not to right? well no doing anything silly.

I told you your not gonna get fired. Trust me. From the sound of you about 30 mins ago. You seemed pretty happy :smile:

Im not gonna let you give this up. Even if it means i've gotta make sure your up every day at 3:30am my time. No way in hell am i letting you give in.

Love you


Sa Palomera

Well-Known Member
forget about this thread. I was freaking out because I couldnt get to sleep and I was terrified for the new job and that I'd screw it all up because I'd be walking around like a zombie. Thank God for RedBull and thank god for the fact that I apparently can do with only 30 mins sleep :laugh:
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