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    Once again, it's coming up to be another year since my dear friend Iffy took his own life. It has been so many years now, and I still can't forgive myself. I am so sorry Iffy. I think about you a lot, as a close friend when I was in a dark place. You cheered me up and kept me going. I will always blame myself for what happened to you, I can only pray you are in heaven and have been resting in peace for all these years...

    :cry: xx
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    I am sorry you to have to suffer the pain left behind when one suicides I hope someday we can forgive ourselves . I hope you can get support to help you even now because i knowthe pain and sadness runs deep inside. I hope somehow people read this and then decide and see what suffering they will leave when they go take care okay but know in the end it was the illness that took you friend not you
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    I'm sorry you lost your friend...
    we all blame ourselves after a suicide so know you're not alone with this...
    have you had some grief counseling to help you through these thoughts of blame?
    it helps..
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    Not at such, but I have had counselling. Nothing will ever change my mind

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    I'm sorry about the loss of your good friend. I understand about feeling guilt. I
    haven't figured a way to get past that feeling, so I can't offer any advice. I'm just sorry you are living with this pain. I hope things get better for you as time goes by... jlc20m
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    Let's hope that one day you will meet him in Heaven.