Ignorance IS bliss and that WOULD explain MY depression

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    My problem is no one wants or even tries to be my friend. Everyone I meet seems to not like me for no reason. The guy that I loved, he rejected me and wouldn't have dated me if I was the last person on earth. And it seems like people are all in these different cliques but they are leaving me out of all of them. Even members in my family treat me like an outsider and I would never do it, but I wish I had the courage to commit suicide because I did have one friend who did care. His name was Dylan, but he was feeling the way I was--no one would accept him, no one ever talked to him, called him, invited him anywhere--just like with me. No one ever wanted to be his friend, so he killed himself in 1999. I wish I could just die and join him. I wish I had the courage to do that because I hate it here. I HATE it here. I tried to change things with a fucking petition to stop school bullying and it went nowhere--no gives a shit about trying to make a change, not when its coming from some dummy like me. I hate this world and this--this pain from my depression--sometimes it hurts so bad it feels as if Cancer or something is destroying your body and like you can feel every last pain....well no one gives a shit, and probably no one gives a shit here but I decided to post it on here since this was the "let it all out" forum.
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    We do care! I think you'll find some people here with similar issues as to what you are describing. School bullying played a huge part in making my life a liiving hell when I was in junior high and high school (ages 13-18). Actually, now that I think of it, it started in elementary school, the 3 years prior to that.

    But, my life changed for the better from about age 19 on up. Of course it didn't stay positive or I wouldn't have come here.

    The only friends I had in high school were the kids in my clique. This was the clique for the kids who didn't fit into the other cliques. It will get better for you. I'm interested to know why you feel that you are an outcast in your family. Where are you, age-wise compared to your siblings? If you want to talk privately, feel free to send me a private message. Please stick around for awhile and give this site a chance. There are so many wonderful, caring people here.

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    I am 25, my two sisters who are in 30's.and they don't like me because we had different fathers, I feel that I am outcast because everyone in my family hates me because I am a bastard child, I didn't know my dad because he left when I was a child, so that makes me a bastard child, so they treat me different than my two sisters because unlike my sisters, my father left. And I don't know how it will get better. No one ever talks to me or invites me anywhere or shows any concern for me, it didn't get any better for my friend Dylan, that's why he killed himself.
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    I can relate to you..I have never had any true friends because my dad was military and we moved every two years..I learned at a early age to just stick to myself..I guess thats why I have been an isolationist most of my life.. In high school I got into drugs thinking I would at least make friends with the druggies.. Well all they wanted was for me to get them drugs or to use up mine.. They were always trying to get me into fights because I have always been big for my age..I won't get into relationships other than to say they all cheated on me..I'm 52 now and still have no friends except the few I have met here..