Ignorance Of Homosexuality

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Gay people go through alot more than people may think. People don't give thought to this usually because they are the butt of almost every joke and outcasts to heterosexual people, which are considered the "norm". Theres people out there who say that they are fine with gay people as long as they keep it secret or hidden. This is almost as ignorant as the people who bash it. Saying this is like restricting someone to express their love. How would you feel if you couldn't kiss someone or hug someone you love in front of everyone?

It is not a mental illness as some people may think. People in the 70's put homosexuality in that category since it was different from what was accepted by society. People see homosexuals as perverts or child molestors. Just as many heterosexuals molest children as gay people, maybe more. I do not know why, but some people think being gay is a choice. It is most definitely not. It's heterosexuals who say this too, let me ask heterosexuals a question, if one day you decided to be homosexual, you may try it, but I highly doubt you will enjoy it, unless you discovered you are bisexual.

******. I hear this word echoed in the halls of my school everyday. Used loosely, never thinking of an impact it may have on someone. In my book, calling a gay person a "******" is just as bad as calling a black person a "nigger". It hurts all the same.

You know, I hear people preach about how everyone deserves the right to be free. Then later I hear them make a cruel joke. Don't tell me, "oh, what, we can't make jokes?". Theres a difference between a joke and someone mindlessly saying something hurtful. Everyone deserves the right to freedom of expression without limitation.

I'm for gay rights and stuff, as if it isn't obvious already. But I never really saw the point in gay pride parades. I asked someone one day...and they told me. Gay pride parades are gay peoples way of expressing themselves, being truly free. Their way of saying, "we're here, and we're not going away.".

I believe theres now new evidence that indicates that homosexuality is due to the number of chromosomes someone has or something like that. Don't quote me on it, but that's what I heard.

As for the limp wristed lisp talking image of males, and the masculine identity of females, these are stereotypes. Never listen to stereotypes. Saying all gay people are like that is like saying Satanists sacrifice virgins and condone drug use. That is a stereotype created partly by the Christian church and rebellious teenagers. Yes, there are quite a bit of gay people like this, but that does not mean every single one is. Most are ordinary people. As for males acting more feminine, I think it's because since they like men, they feel more comfortable with their feminine nature than a heterosexual does. Same can be said about lesbians.

Are you that insecure of your masculinity that you have to hate something you don't understand?

Picture this, you are a teenager in school. You are gay. You want to come out, so bad. So bad it hurts....but what stops you is fear. Fear that if you do let it out that for the rest of your school days you will be picked on severely, beaten up, and maybe even disowned by your friends.
You have a crush on the member of the same sex, like anyone else, you want to tell them, or write them a little note.....but you can't. That person may not be gay, and by telling them, you may let your secret out. Theres alot of gay teenagers who are also kicked out of their homes because of this. Just because they are gay, they are kicked out of their own homes by their own parents who have raised them their whole lives.

It is now a fact that "coming out" as in, making it known to everyone that the person is gay or bisexual, is one of the hardest things a person will do in their life.

Many people rely on the bible for backing up their ignorance for homosexuals. I don't want to bash anyones religion, but a book that was written a few thousand years ago, that could have been written by ANYONE is not going to save you in an argument about whether the sexuality of someone is right or wrong. I'm sorry, it's stupid to think it will.

If I approached someone and we talked, and started to become friends, you know. Then the subject comes up, then I tell them im gay or bisexual. What would they think of me? Would it change their opinion? This shouldn't even be an issue, people shouldn't even have to worry about this.

Many people tell me, "Why must it be a hate crime and punished more severely for picking on a gay person, everybody gets picked on and beat up for it." Let's say, you're a redhead. I'm not picking on any redheads for this, im just relating something like this to homosexuality. No one has asked that you rethink your membership in an organization because you are a red head, no one has told you that you make them uncomfortable because your hair is red. No one has hassled you to get out of a bar or public place because you're a redhead. If you have red hair, dye it, you have acne, get some pro active. I'm sorry, but things like that, little things, like that, can be taken care of. Gay people can't just stop being gay, it's not possible, and who are you to say they should? What right do you have to tell ANYONE they should change because you don't like it?

I think it's foolish and childish to make fun of someone based on their sexuality. Many people don't even have a reason to hate gays. They just do it because they're parents, religious leaders, and friends say so. Well, all I have to say is stop being a sheep. Stop blindlessly following the herd to be safe. Stop and think for yourself. Be a wolf, a wolf is sometimes lonely, and an outcast. But the wolf is free. The wolf stalks the herd of cowards in the dark. The Wolf Is An Individual.

I end this with saying, Ignorance may be bliss, but it tears others around you to pieces.....


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"The most violent element in society is Ignorance". I agree that groups of people love to torment other groups of people. We also, as a society, have a terrible fear of the "different". "Different" is equated with "bad". We are ignorant and our ignorance feeds our unkindness towards others. What a shame and what a waste of energy.:sad:


PS; The complete quote is: "When ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise". I also saw a t-shirt once that said, "IF IGNORANCE IS BLISS, HOW COME THERE AREN'T MORE HAPPY PEOPLE?"
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I guess I just don't understand why some people are so interested in what other people do. Perhaps they have no life themselves or feel some need to put others down to make themselves feel powerful or superior.

I wish I had the answer.



I can relate to that post. Coming out is one of the hardest things I will have to face. Haven't faced it yet.
I don't think that may people are ignorant of homosexuality. Some tolerate it, some accept it, some are against it. Its not ignorance, its decision and choice a person makes as to how they view it. Whatever the reason people choose to accept or not accept that lifestyle differers from personal preferance to religion to society norms and peer pressure. The key is to be who you are and not force your perspective on others. I am straight, I do not choose to be gay nor have any interest in it. Don't pass judgement on me for my view nor will I on yours.
I totally understand you're frustration and your need to have a rant about this, especially if you're being bullied because of your sexuality. I don't know where you are, but here in the uk people are mostly very accepting. We've got gay marrige (effectively), employment rights, hate crime is dealt with very seriously. And mostly gay people can kiss in public and no one bats an eyelid. The only place this isn't true is in schools, and there are many gay rights groups campaigning for properly enforced anti homophobic bullying policies in schools. But school doesn't last forever and once you're out of it people get a lot less stupid about these things.

I really do understand your anger, but trust me it's not as bad as it seems. I just don't want you to end up hating hetrosexual people and expecting them to be against you before you give them a chance. There will always be homophobic people and unfortunately you can't change that, but what needs to change is society. And as soon as it becomes socially unacceptable to make homophobic comments (and believe me it is beginning to be) then these people will keep their mouths shut. Which I think is the best you're going to get.

Take care everyone who is dealing with these issues, especially if you're at school. Coming out may feel like the hardest thing you've ever had to do, but it really does get easier.

(Anyone, feel free to pm me if you'd like to talk to someone about your sexuality and dealing with it :smile: )


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Mem said:
I don't think that may people are ignorant of homosexuality. Some tolerate it, some accept it, some are against it. Its not ignorance, its decision and choice a person makes as to how they view it.

Alot of people I know dont know these things I have said, and they just look at homosexuality in general as a big joke, and something to make fun of every chance they get.


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don't get me started on religous preachers (cant you just feel the love from them?)

and yeah (to quote the gene genie from life on mars, the bbc programme not the song) i'm as gay as a pink christmas tree.

anyone can delete this post if they want.


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twilightki said:
I end this with saying, Ignorance may be bliss, but it tears others around you to pieces.....
I really liked you whole post but this last line in particular is sooo true. I wish that others would see how the jokes and stereo types of many people can be so destructive and hurtful. Thank you for your words.



My mere 2 cents...
My (ex) husband left me 'for another man' - long time ago - but still makes a great punchline that leaves some scratching their heads. Not to mention, *they're* still together 14 years later, which is quite a feat considering the obstacles and odds *Hetero's* claim and hope for. Just saying it's real. I loved him, trusted him, more - BELIEVED him when he told me "his truth". Wouldn't wish it on anyone because of the odds, but then, I have had my own to contend with, y'know? But I'm glad he found someone...Bless your own searching...

Yes, I agree that many homosexual people go through a lot more than others, but I'd just like to say that I am gay, but it's not my sexuality that's the cause of any of the pain I feel.


I have to acknowledge homosexuals everyday because my brother (he's 27) is gay. So i can't have a problem with them even if i wanted to have a problem.
To be honest, I'd much rather associate with a nice gay person than a mean straight person. I've known a few gay people (male and female), some of them were very open about it, others hadn't told many people about their sexuality, but all of them were fun to hang around with. And a few of them didn't have it easy with some of the remarks they got.

And a lot of the straight people I know are rude, shallow, and just plain abbrasive. I've seen gay people kiss in public, and all I could think was "You've found someone to be with, that's more than I can say for myself." It didn't offend me. If anything, I was a little jealous that they seemed so happy with each other, lol...
I don't find anything wrong with gays at all. They're people like you and me. I don't look at people because of who they like or what not. So what if they like the same sex get over it. Let them love who they love you can't just hate them for who they like. As they say 'love is love.' I too hear horrible words come out of students mouths everyday. The words 'fag' and 'that's so gay'. How do you know that the person you're talking to infact might be gay. It just shuts them down, and makes them lose hope for what they want to say.

To me gays are some of the best people. Most of them are quite honest and are a load of fun to be around.

A lot of girls in my school jump on eachother, play around, and stuff like that, but you never see men do that sort of thing. :mellow: Show your true colors, and don't be afraid to let others know who you really are. That's easier said than done but it'll end up happening one day.


I am not gay, but I agree with you when you say gays go through a lot more than hetero's do, socially. My family is Catholic, so obviously gays are nearly outcast. I think that it's terrible to have such bad feelings towards a person just because of a minor detail. Gays are just like hetero's and should be allowed the same respect and rights as them. My parents piss me off because they've nearly yelled at me for jokingly saying that I was gay, and I wanted to marry a black woman. They're so racist! Best wishes*


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I've debated about this already on a number of differnet forums and chat rooms. My conclusion is that marriage is based on love, not gender or procreation. Therefore, homosexual marriage should be allowed. Bashing homosexuality for religious reasons isn't even a valid argument in my book. However, no offense, I'd still shudder if I saw two gay men kissing; but that doesn't mean it's not allowed. Bottom line is, gay marriage and homosexuality is something on this Earth to stay. People need to get with the program; all these people afraid of new times need to get moving along.
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And a lot of the straight people I know are rude, shallow, and just plain abbrasive.
That's got to be the most contradictatory thing ever. Homosexuals and heterosexuals are both people; yes, homos can be shallow and so can heteros. Let's not be judgemental...
However, no offense, I'd still shudder if I saw two gay men kissing; but that doesn't mean it's not allowed.
On the surface, this sounds strange and I think would offend some people. But I find it refreshingly honest. It's a perfect example of true open-mindedness - it says perfectly: I may not like what you have to say, but I'd defend to the death your right to say it.

Thanks for being you

poison said:
That's got to be the most contradictatory thing ever. Homosexuals and heterosexuals are both people; yes, homos can be shallow and so can heteros. Let's not be judgemental...
I'm sorry if I offended you. I didn't mean it as a generalization, I was just talking about people I knew personally. And you're right; the whole point I was trying to make is that they're just people.
poison, just a word of warning. Using the word homos to descibe gay people can be seen as very offensive. I know you were only using it as an abreviation, but it's bad habit to get into cos you might unintentionally offend/upset someone, and to many it's still seen as an insult. No worries though :smile:
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