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ignore me please

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why didnt you just OPEN ur mouth and ask for a music and aca instead of just academic?!

but then they would have complained more, i mean if you apply for music you have to sit the academic anyway... right? they DO want to see that you're not completely stupid academically. and also, the auditions are in MARCH you idiot! what are the chances you'll have something ready by then?

i'll just drag out my fifth grade stuff, duh! i'm not an idot, i KNOW i wont have anything 6th grade ready by then. not decently ready. i dont want an academic as much as i want music anyhow, and if i apply for both that means i'm in both and anyway, if i applied for music, like you said i'd still have to sit for the academic... but i'm not in it for real. that is, unless i apply for that too.

they wont want to pay for another scholarship. what are your chances of getting it anyway? there's heaps of ppl smarter and more talented than you are. and who the fuck applies for a scholarship in THEIR OWN SCHOOL?!

you never said anything against it the last two times, did you? and screw them if they dont want to pay for it. i will. i'll ask for an advance in pocket money, that still works.

you're too smart for your own good. but then what IF you get that music scholarship? you'll HAVE to be in the play then. and you'll HAVE to be in choir. and then you wont have to pay for piano lessons anymore. that means that she has one less student. you realise that if you DO get this scholarship - assuming that you still will apply for it, she might get fired? she only HAS 4 students now after all.

i know... i'm worried about that, but i COULD just ask to take up something else instead like -

guitar? you learn that out of school already. you DONT HAVE TIME to pick up anything else! you know that, or you'd have probably learnt a heap of other stuff already. it MIGHT be an option - if you werent so worried about being top of the class all the time, but you're too busy as it is with other crap on top of that too.

I DONT CARE ABOUT BEING TOP OF THE FUCKING CLASS, OK?! thats just great, i'm turning on myself, yay. i barely get my homework done a lot of the year, i barely try and i still get A's... doesnt that scare you just a tiny little bit? i never asked to be who i am, i just am. I cant change that but i DO use it to my advantage. i dont spend half my night doing homework. i do other things. LIKE MUSIC. which means i COULD take up something else. i'd find the time. you know me... or do you?

look if you want to be heard so bad, just OPEN YOUR MOUTH and SAY IT STRAIGHT, not just to me!! look, i cant even be BOTHERED arguing with you anymore, theres just no point in it. it isnt gonna get anywhere.
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