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tss who cares

yeh. it's not like anyone replies to any of my posts anyway. I mean. I know there's many posts on the forums and that's ok, I can imagine how a post could be missed, but that many? I'm always here for everyone, which I really like to do, cos I care about them... urgh I just wish... I duno what I'm doing on here. I'm tired. nevermind.
I have never ignored anyone, maybe if your posting at a certain time when not too many people are on...by the time they get to posts it's not in the new posts, because I know alot of us will just ride the "new posts" thinking that way we don't have to scroll through the whole forum.

If you ever want to talk about anything and post, if you don't get a reply just PM me that way I will see it. I am sorry you feel ignored and unimportant, because every human life is important.

I'll give you my MSN: [email protected]

Don't hesitate to email or message me on there.





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Well, now you have a post that's replied to..

And I'm sure that if you have a post that you really want people to see, the admin wont mind if you bump it from the second or third page (just don't get bump-happy. That makes people ingore posts out of spite.)

Sorry that you feel ignored. I agree with what PainNsiolence said.It's not like people do it on purpose, it's just a popular site. And it's wonderful that you reply to alot of other people even when your posts get none/not that many. That makes you very special in my eyes.

Don't get discouraged,love.


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Its not that were ignoring you, maybe we just havent come across your threads yet. my threads havent all been answered but i know that everyone doesnt have the time for every single person, we all try to get everyone spoken to... Well if you want to talk im always here pm me or my msn/email is [email protected] take care, Ally x
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