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Fricking tired.. numb. Heavy. bleugh. Drained... sick of it, why is it that people seem to think that I'm supergirl? Or even if they dont think so, cant they lay off for a bit, coz it sure seems like they think that they do. I'm a freaking TEENAGER. as much as you might idealise it, i'm not immortal. I'm just a normal (ahem) person who is trying to live a normal and sane life. One day its all gonna drain me, it already has before, it'll happen again. Its bound to. i'm not the larger than life person that you might view me to be. I havent even graduated and all of a sudden now I get dragged through a crash course in counselling? gee, thanks. thanks a lot. and then people wonder why i'm in a bad mood all the time. grrrrrrrrrrr
How can I take care of them, grandfather? If you havent noticed, THEY are the ones that are meant to take care of me, not the other way round. I'm not even half their age, more like a third... I'm just a kid..... :cry:
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