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There needs to be some sort of an ignore function on the chat. I always screw everything up. Always. Vikki, I am sorry. Fooo, I am sorry. Jedi, I am sorry. Mini, I am sorry. Not many of you know what its like to completely lose control of yourself. I'm not saying this isn't my fault, because it is. But I dont know what I am doing half the time. Its like part of the time I dont know what I am doing and the other part I get too caught up in what I'm doing that I think and woner too much about everything, and doubt myself. I just dont know what to do. I know that isolation won't help, because, of course, it never does. No, I need people, but I have to be mean to someone all the time. Being manic isn't something that's one of my favourite things to be. So to Vikki and Mini, and Jedi, and Foo, and Sunset, and GentleLady and Kurt-- I am sorry.

I suck.


you dont suck, you are a great person, and dont let anyone else tell you otherwise. we all get angry and upset with people and we all deal with that anger in different ways. however if left to build up everyone has their limit, and will snap out. either way you are sorry for what you have done which is good enough in my books.

oh and there is an ignore function, as we just tested :-p

***right click the person's name, and click ignore***
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