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I cant take it anymore any of it! The pain, the guilt, the loniness, i hate it allll i want to scream, i want to cry, I WANT TO FUCKING DIE! I finally tell my mum how i feel and i feel guilty for doing so...........GOD WHY ME! WHY FUCKING ME!........................................................................ What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger? WELL GUESS WHAT IM ALREADY FUCKING DEAD! I try so hard to change this and it just doesnt work, i rang up a councelling place and they were like it will be a few weeks before we have an appointment for you. A FEW WEEEKS ?! Hello i have issues now!!!!!!!!!!!!


i just dont know anymore, why is this happening to me...why why why me


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Ha ha I did not ignore so BITE ME!!

But yeah, to them most conseling centers you are just another number. But that is why they call it professional help generally. Because you want help reguardless of if the person cares about you or not.

I know these feelings all to well of just wanting to cry on someone and be held by someone. Generally I just snuggle onto my mickey-kun and the feeling is lessened. I still have not figured out how to cry though... nope not yet. Maybe all the years of brainwashing telling me that males are not supposed to cry.


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Here's another guy thats pretty much alone in this cold world of ours. I'll try to be here for you. Hang in there please.


The biggest loser ever to live.
That is quite interesting, a club for loners.
I do feel that at least most loners really do not want to be alone but they feel that they have to because they are not good enough for anyone, that nobody is compatible with them, etc.
At least, thats the way I am, I'm a loner but I really would like to have companionship, I just feel like the most inferior person on this planet. Everyone is seriously better than me, I was just raised up wrong and screwed up thats all. :sad:
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Awww Nkrukato, i know how you feel...you can join our club!! We should get a website....oh oh and Gold Star badges... >.< Oops i went too far. Anime ? Sure thing! ^_^ I love the stuff.

Since it was my idea...does that make me the president ? Ohhhh the power! Mwuhahahahaa...

But on a serious note, i think your right. I mean i do enjoy being alone, but sometimes i desire to interact with people, which i feed my desire for by coming online and talking to people...which my friends would say is very sad. >.< But hey, they dont understand!


The biggest loser ever to live.
Of course we are misunderstood. That makes our lonliness and depression all the more painful, when our friends and family can't understand why we are depressed, why we act the way were are, etc. :sad: :sad:

Sure you can be the prez, I'm not that good of a leader anyways, more of a follower. :smile:

Seriously, there should be a club for loners where we can hang out and mingle. I know that many loners desire company but most of the people can't understand them but they'll totally relate with other loners. I can totally relate to forgotten_man for example, we have so many things in common its scary!


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maybe i am just slow or some hting, but inst SF kinda like a club or some thing were we can all meet and share our little worlds with each otther? or am i completly missing the point here? any ways i can only say, read the poem i link in my sig, it realy speaks of being a loner and what power can be found in it....
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