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i'll always be alone

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by down-and-maybeout, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. down-and-maybeout

    down-and-maybeout Well-Known Member

    hi, i'm a man in my 30s and i'm not really sure why i'm even writing this; i doubt it will be very interesting for anyone to read :(

    i used to look forward to the day when i would find my ideal partner or maybe even be lucky enough to find a soulmate, i had my doubts whether it would happen but i held out hope - but now so much has happened, i've been lied to, used and spat out by so many women, and the problem is i can't figure out what it is about me that makes them hate me so much - all i've ever done is be myself and try to be genuine and compassionate towards others, maybe that's the problem, maybe i'm a mug

    my last g/f even went so far as to try to kill me, she tried driving me to suicide just cos she got off on watching me suffer, and after that i tried to confide in my oldest 'friend' and she didn't wanna hear it, she even told me straight that she didn't want to be around me anymore now i was hurting so bad - well i guess she was honest but i don't know how anyone could bring themselves to say that to another human being, one they're supposed to be close to and care about, when they really need someone

    so much else has happened, this was just the icing on the cake, no doubt some of you here will say i obviously did things to bring it on myself and maybe that's true, but that doesn't change the fact that my life has changed now - i no longer look forward to meeting that special person, because i know in my heart that even if i do, i will be too shit scared to open up and trust her anyway in case stuff happens all over again

    i'm starting to really really feel like there's no point in being alive anymore
  2. ~Heather~

    ~Heather~ Well-Known Member

    There still is a point to living! You just have to keep pushing forward, and apparently be more selective of your friends. As far as relationships go, there are plenty of ways to find someone who isn't a sadistic bitch. I can tell you that bars don't give you a good selection because they're at a bar for a reason.
    Dating sites might even be an option.

    And if you need a friend I'm here :D
  3. down-and-maybeout

    down-and-maybeout Well-Known Member

    i dont go to bars and dating sites were a mistake so i wont be going near them again - the last one i tried was eharmony and apparently according to their amazing match system there is "no one who matches me"

    yeah figures :(

    as for being more selective... yes you are definitely right about that - i have decided from now on not to make any more friends
  4. stig

    stig Well-Known Member

    hello there,you have been hurt by people whp you trusted, that is horrible. it tears your heart out. i understand how you feel. i had it done to me. there are good people out there though. you may even meet and make friends on here. don't write us all off. stay safe, stay strong.
  5. ~Heather~

    ~Heather~ Well-Known Member

    I really don't think you should give up on having friends, there are caring people out there. Finding them is the problem. A lot of my friends have stabbed me in the back but I just left them behind and made new ones.

    Besides, we are all here for you and we all know how you feel. You aren't alone.:smile:
  6. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    There are such things as lasting friendships.
    You just have to go through trial and error until you find some -- or have their 'limitations' in mind when you are friends.

    It might sound bad; I don't know...

    I just mean that some friends are the type you can lend things to and you will always get them back in perfect condition - and some friends will actually forget they borrowed it, or will return it with damage. It doesn't make them a bad friend - it just means you have to keep in mind who is reliable and who isn't so much.
    Get what I mean?

    Friends can be alot of fun.

    Also, animals can be very loyal and make you feel loved and important.
    They depend on you, they love you unconditionally, they will never divorce you or steal your belongings XD They are just friends who will always be there.
  7. stig

    stig Well-Known Member

    they will never divorce you or steal your belongings XD They are just friends who will always be there.[/QUOTE]

    really! you need to talk to my dog. he steals my socks. and bed when i get up. he flirts with my girlfriends and encourages them to tickle his belly. he shows of to them by chasing his tail and has big brown puppy dog eyes.