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I'll be sectioned

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Yeah, i'll be away on monday for atleast a month, i've decided to tell my counsillor everything on monday, and i think that will get me sectioned for atleast 28 days and it's likely i'll get another 28 after then. :unsure:

I hope it will help .. I'm trying to think positivly about me future.. seems to help.. i'm even starting to believe myself :laugh: From what Sarah said it doesn't seem to be too bad atleast. :smile:

The only thing i'm not telling them about is my cutting...they wont see it becuase its not on my arms so.. well the might find out but i'd rather not say anyway .. :dry:

Thanks for all the help. cya in a afew weeks!

I know it is something that is very difficult to do. You should talk to your counselor. Be honest so you can receive the help you want. Have faith in your abilities hun. Step past the fear. You can do this. Who knows, it may be only a few days instead of weeks or months. Take care hun :hug:
I can't decide to or not everythings racing through my mind.. :sad:
Anyway..guess I'm back on track... ive had this plan for a week and sticking to it givea me less that 9 hours :smile:


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I hope it goes ok for you whatever you decide. It is a tough decision to make but I guess that feeling the way you do now, you have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain. Maybe the section would allow you to take some time out for yourself.. let yourself be cared for, etc. And if you're willing to go in to hospital voluntarily (as opposed to a section) you may have different privileges, etc.

Anyway, please let us know how it all goes if you can.. i'll be thinking of you
Jenny x


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Are you still considering telling your counsellor what's been going on for you and how you're really feeling?

I thought people were only sectioned if the professionals think you need help but you refuse to go to hospital. If you voluntarily tell your counsellor how you're feeling, and accept any help offered, i dunno if you'd be sectioned at all....?

Do you live in the UK or USA?

Dont take the easy way out hun... it really isnt worth it. And with the method you chose if you fail you'll end up like a limp vegetable in a hospital bed.. so either way you'll still be in the hospital. Please think this over :hug:

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