I'll carry on.

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  1. BeautifullyChaotic

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    When it gets too hard to take, just remember you can carry on...

    I'm tough, I'm strong.
    No matter what, I'll carry on.

    I listen, I advise.
    For my age I'm fairly wise.

    I'm always there to help a friend.
    I'm loyal, protective until the end.

    I've been through hell.
    More hell than most.

    I've come out stronger.
    This is my boast.

    I've walked through fire, my feet ablaze.
    I've cheated death in many ways.

    I may make you cry, may make you mad.
    I'll let you see what I've done bad.

    I've loved and lost and loved some more.
    I've fought hard for what's worth fighting for.

    I've given all I had to give
    and almost lost the will to live.

    I feel so weak, but know I'm strong.
    No matter what I'll carry on!
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  2. total eclipse

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    I love this poem as well hun very postive hugs
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